The bigger, badder version of the 12.7x99mm, also known as the 50 cal, the 14.5x114mm was designed to punch through armor that was designed to stop a .50 caliber bullet.


The 14.5x114mm, also known as the .57 cal.


The .57 cal is a large caliber cartridge used in heavy machine guns and anti-materiel rifles. It's sheer weight and energy make it almost impractical to use for normal combat situations. However, it can go clean through armor and energy shields in a single round. Though some very thick armors and shields can stop the round, the energy it releases upon impact will not only knock the wind out of them, it will leave a mark. It is rare to see these in action during battle, but it is easy to tell when they have been used.

DMR uses this round to counter act the fact that personal armor is being developed to counter fifty caliber rounds.


  • Barrett DC99-S2
  • The Machine guns of the Type-26 M808B Tyrannosaurus-Class Landmaster Tank use .57 caliber rounds.

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