38cal softled

History: This bullet was invented by the Zorrialians and during a peaceful visit to their planet a traveling merchant ship did trade with them. Though the primitive native people don't have much to be bothered for some of their items are quite useful, one of their items at the time seen as useful to buy was some ammunition. After all any bullet that fits a caliber works in its appropriate gun. Among these bullets bought one of them in particular managed to be mass produced after study by merchants throughout a well known star quadrant due to many popular rifles among the planetary inhabitance having caliber that matches. The 38Cal soft led. On Zorrialia III this bullet was invented as the ammo type of the Marco Rifle. A Zorrialian weapon with a range of 1450 yards, a accuracy of 91.88% and its good fit in the hands makes it proper for a bayonet.

Farther details: Now the bullet is becoming more and more commonly used by solders throughout the galaxy on unarmored targets. The bronze shell is filled with black powder which fires the soft led projectile with enough kinetic energy to smash through the engine of a car. The bullet apon impact will mushroom to a point that it comes out the other side like a big led pancake allowing it to tare through bone and rip off limbs. Though modern armor makes this bullet virtually obsolete cheaper armor can be penetrated, such as the exoskeletons of Xenomorphs, which the bullet is commonly used to kill when a colony has a infestation. Anything shot with this bullet that can stand its own will in time still be penetrated eventually, and it can still be deadly when aimed for the weak points of armor such as between the pieces. This bullet is also useful for hunting game as big as 15ft tall.

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