Dino hover bike

60-X is all its glory.

Made for hit and run attacks or scouting, the 60-X Hover Bike is the perfect vehicle for quick get aways.

Section headingEdit

With an overall length of about five meters and the a top speed of 160 mph, the 60-X is a small and quick vehicle. The 60-X is easy to transport but it does require some training for combat operators. Scouts, especially in the Chat Empire and New Galactic Republic, love to use this bike to move around the battlefield quickly. However, each side has modified their bikes to fit their needs and requirements for the battlefield. While it does have a heavy plasma turret up front, this bike is not meant for engaging troops or enemy vehicles. Other groups, like Team Heretic Dinofox have gotten there hands on them and use them to a great extent. Yaujta also occasionally use these. 


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