The AB3 rifle, nicknamed Darlin', was a bolt-action hunting rifle, and the weapon of choice for the human marksman, Sean.

Overview Edit

As a sniper rifle, the AB3 possessed incredible accuracy at long-ranges, but it became big, clumsy and unwieldy at close quarters. Its 30-06 rounds, considered ancient by the time of the War, were still capable of punching through Chat armor, the rough equivalent of Sarcasm rounds. While it was slow to fire in the hands of a first-time user, experienced marksman could cycle the bolt and deliver shots effeciantly. It was, however, still incredibly slow compared to most laser and plasma based weaponry. Sean's particular rifle, had a 25x power scope mounted on the top. It was not adjustable, so the user would become almost near-sighted at close ranges.

Pros Edit

  • Incredibly accurate
  • Long range
  • Great armor-breaking capabilities
  • Durable and sturdy

Cons Edit

  • Uncontrollable recoil
  • Low rate of fire
  • Useless in close quarters
  • Not very mobile

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