The AR-157 is a versatile weapon developed by Odrade industries which features a built in grenade launcher it is mainly used by mercenary groups as well as the resistance.

Description Edit

The AR-157 is a state of the art rifle featuring a built in grenade launcher which can be activated by simply pressing a button on the side of it. This weapon also has a high fire rate which makes it deadly with its 7.62x39mm ammunition. Unfortunately, this weapon has a small magazine which runs dry quickly.

This weapon also has a strong metal body which can take a massive beating, unfortunately this leads to it being heavy.

Pros Edit

  • Fast fire rate
  • Built in grenade launcher
  • Strong body
  • powerful ammunition
  • accurate at close to long range

Cons Edit

  • Heavy
  • expensive
  • small magazine
  • bad at long range
  • can often Jam

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