The AR20MB Rifle is a high grade assault rifle favored by the Delta SEALS, and some Chat officials, it combines a high rate of fire in a compact weapon. 


Usually firing 7.62x51mm High Velocity Sarcastic rounds, this weapon can empty a 30 round magazine in about four and half seconds. It has little issues with recoil and since it is a bullpup rifle, it is compact. Combat rails allow for different sights and under barrel attachments. Favored by strike teams that need a lot of firepower in a small assault rifle, the AR20MB is the go to rifle for the job. The Chat Administrator known as KnightmareS-C075 favors this assault rifle when he goes into combat, along with Jess McKathy and Chat Bodyguards.


  • Laser sight
  • Silencer
  • Flashlight


  • Large magazine
  • Fast rate of fire
  • Little recoil
  • Compatible with attachments
  • Compact design due to being a bullpup rifle


  • Low damage per shot
  • Low penetration


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