The Abomination in orbit

The Abomination is a gigantic ship made by the Chat at Yoth. Its purpose is entirely unknown.

Overview Edit

The ship is 32,000 meters long. It has plenty of unfinished guns on it. So far no piece of lethal orbital weapon has been discovered on the ship. This is because Minnae stole it before it could be finished. Many of its decks are completely empty or are a complete mess from the construction.

History Edit

During the second battle of Yoth, Minnae stole the ship. She managed to convince the bridge crew for a time that she was the real captain but it soon because evident that she was lieing. When the Chat bridge crew found out that Minnae was an imposter they commited a mass suicide along with the AI to make sure nothing fell into the wrong hands, completely unaware that Minnae was working for the Chat.

Lord Tyroe and about twenty of his mercenaries arrived soon after and helped Minnae in the search for answers. Their primary question was why the ship was created. While they were debating, Uvok, Stonewall, and several marines enter the bridge. With the Chat closing in the two sides agreed to a truce so long that they would split the profits 50/50.

This plan was ruined as soon as it began when the raptors made a bid for the bridge lead by General SheerAvenger777 to get off the planet before the general was found. The raptors and General SheerAvenger777 were killed in their attack but managed to take all of the marines and mercenaries bar Minnae and Lord Tyroe with them. Minnae called up T3CH to receive her bounty for killing the General.

Meanwhile, Chat troops were boarding the ship in hoards to secure it under T3CHNOCIDE's orders. T3CH was becoming obsessed with the ship and finding a man. Resistance forces also boarded the ship and firefights broke out all over the vast interior.

With the loss of so many of their allies, Minnae, Tyroe, Stonewall, and Uvok decided to retreat since they could not hold the entire Chat off with only four people. The mercenaries escorted the resistance members out of the ship as prisoners.

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