85 years ago, this planet was merely barren rock with a moon split in two down the middle orbiting it. But then the star Horiah passed closely to the star Achlys orbits, the gravity of the close encounter sent comets from both systems comet belts that where on the outskirts of both systems to send their comets hurling down upon the planets in the system of the star Orverah which Achlys orbits. As the comets hailed down Achlys in mere days by result of the comet bombardment has been flooded, and now is a toxic ocean planet of a very acidic H9O4. Due to the various mix of the soup of chemicals the sea is about as flammable as fire extinguisher foam, but the planet's sea can melt the skin off of anyone stupid enough to try to swim in it in minutes.

History Edit

After the comets stopped raining down twelve years later the planet was colonized by use of floating facilities and cargo ship platforms. The planet is owned by a chemical company and the sea is filtered by machines that harvest the acids, minerals, and other liquids found in the H9O4 sea. It is hoped that years from now after the sea has finished being filtered nothing will remain except for H2O. After which the planet will be sold.

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