Admin Rank

The Medal every Admin wears on their military uniform.

An Administrator is the highest known rank in the Chat Empireand 14 of them have been seen throughout the galaxy as of the 118th elections. The current, loyal Administrators are Forerunner, Haloprov, Knightmare, GodzillaMaster, DAB1001, and Vektor0. The current defected Administrators are Vidmas7er, Karl, Ultra Force, and Zeta.

Known AdministratorsEdit

114th generation Edit

  • Father of Knightmare

115th generation Edit

117th generation Edit

  • Grizzlei
  • Leo Fox

118th generation Edit

  • Forerunner: Overseer of Propaganda
  • Vidmas7er (Defected)
  • Karl (Defected): Top General
  • Wilc0 (Defected, Deceased): Overseer of Eafth.
  • Ultra Force (Defected)
  • Haloprov: Promoted after First Raid on Koraulak

119th generation Edit

As the Chat lost Admins left and right they were replaced by new blood and old warriors.

  • Knightmare: Promoted after the Battle of Eafth.
  • Zeta (Captured, Defected): Promoted after the Battle of Eafth.
  • Sgt D Grif (Deceased): Promoted after the Battle of Eafth.
  • GodzillaMaster: Promoted after the Battle of Eafth.
  • DAB1001: Promoted after the Assault on Mu Gasto.

120th generation Edit

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