Andare is the daughter of Commander Heathcliff and Sinon. She is twenty-five years old and has very long light-brown hair. She was the caretaker of the compound where The Hecate would go to be repaired and has been there for a large amount of time. She is able to hold her own, said as much by Commander Heathcliff, and has been trained by Sinon and Commander Heathcliff to be able to fight as good as either of them.

She left the compound with Commander Heathcliff when he ordered a slipspace jump in the middle of the compound. When they left Epsilon Indus, she did not do very much, as her mother, Sinon, is the pilot, and Commander Heathcliff was with the prisoners. When they got to Catoonie and Commander Heathcliff left the ship, she prepared the contingency and prepared three fireteams of robots to help her father if he needed help.

After Commander Heathcliff returned to the ship, she was very worried as to what was wrong with him, and how he was acting. She had never seen her father that way and she was distraught to learn what had been happening to him becasue he had not been able to save Hatsune Miku, his sister, her aunt, for fifty years.


She has a very light view of the world, even thoguh she is prepared to kill others and has no dissillusion what she is doing. She giggles a lot when asked questioned and seems to behave rather normally, even though she was raised by to cold-blooded killers. Andare also seems to have become very good friends with Megan, a member of the Republic Sentinel.

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