The Chat ship Anesidora was a decommissioned Saratoga-Class frigate, privately owned by the Dahl Corporation, and used as an outer rim cruise liner.


The Anesidora.

During a risky flight into a disputed area, the ship was boarded by a Resistance Battlegroup, but miraculously saved thanks to the Marshals quick thinking.


Prior to being used as a Chat sponsored cruise liner, the Anesidora was a fully operational Saratoga-Class frigate that, like other Saratoga-Class frigates, was used as a lone enforcer to unconquered underdeveloped planets. Having silenced several fourth and fifth tier civilizations rebellions against the Chat over a lengthy career, the Anesidora was finally decommissioned many years prior to Team Heretic Dinofox's formation.

Seeing the opportunity to claim an armored reasonably large sized vessel, the Cruise Liner Company Dahl Corporation purchased the Chat Anesidora, and it was renamed to be the Dahl Anesidora. As per protocol, the Chat forced Dahl to hire a Chat Marshal. On the ships last fateful flight, the seasoned Marshal Waits was present as the leading security officer on the ship.

The ship was ordered to take a risky route into a disputed area, to raise ratings for the cruise company, where a battlegroup of makeshift Resistance vessels disabled it. Her escort of DIE Fighters were shot down after attempting to flee from the scene, and the ships engines were bombed out. Before the communications array was totaled, Marshal Waits sent an emergency distress signal, which would be the turning point in the crisis. In the many following hours, the ship was badly damaged, and eventually boarded by a squadron of hesitant dropships. The security forces on the ship, led by Waits, successfully repelled boarders, and saved nearly all passengers on board, before a Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyer responded to the distress signal, and eliminated the makeshift fleet.

Following the incident, the Dahl Corporation scrapped the vessel.

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