"Origin story: The New Eden Kig-yar have continued their star gait experiment despite being warned of the potential hazards after 12 years of the project being shut down due to over whelming curiosity. A way had been found to open a portal to Nirm using a signal from a dimensional travel energy already present. The Kig-yar had then stepped onto Nirm and began to explore. Making trade with some of the local iron age natives. After 4 days however a dragon born had found the portal and had mistaken it for a oblivion gait, and to defend againced what was believed to be a dadric invasion destroyed it with magic. The portal was in fact using energy from a once existed in the area. The mix of slip space crystal energy, dadric energy, and the magic, mixed together, and as the portal exploded, it created a massive rift that caught hundreds of aragonians and brought them to the THDF universe.

Locations: Aragonians in the THDF universe currently live on Gaeto, Moris, Beta Maxamus, and small regions of Aquamarine. Some travel with space fairing parties.

Anatomy/physiology: Aragonians are other wise bipedal reptiles having both gills and lungs, with which to breath both air and water. Females have what appears to be mammalian milk glands. These however are nothing more then extended chest mussel with a lump of fat and smooth scaly skin growing over it used to attract a mate for display purposes. Some have feathers, some have horns, some have scales. Aragonians are 90% immune to both poison and disease. Their size and strength is on par with Kig-yar. They are omnivore in diet.

Reproduction: As of yet they cannot breed due to the absence of the Hist in the THDF universe.

Population: 768 in the entire over world galaxy.

Tools/technology: The Argonians are adapting quickly to modern tec by contributing to society and learning. Still having some of their old iron age tools they can continue a battle with or without ammunition. Many have been taught how to make the tridents of sirens to use to catch fish as well as defend them selves from enemies. Argonians favor having weapons that can be used for stealth with open action weapons for when things heat up.

Guess who s back by nikpinkie-d8ty4fu

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