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During the assault on New Mandalore multiple heroes attacked Mandalore at his cousin's palace.

A risky missionEdit

Johnny Redd, Zeta's brother, Atila the Hutt, Ultra Force, Y7-37, and Y7-38 all fought hard to assassinate Manadlore. During the fight Y7-38 was destroyed and Mandalore's cousin Zemark was killed. This whole mission was originally coordinated by Kharl. During the assassination dozens of mandalorian warriors were killed along with a number of mandalorian paladins. During the mission Kharl knew he couldn't risk many troops for the attack so, instead he sent a team of heroes to fight Mandalore who would stand a much better chance against Mandalore then nearly any special force.

Mandalore escapesEdit

During the mission Mandalore narrowly escaped the end when the heroes were chasing him on jetpacks. Johnny Redd came the closest to catching Mandalore ,but wasn't able to defeat him and his allies in Mandalore's transport. The spartan decided to then escape with his life rather then risk losing it.

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