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Atila in his brown and yellow stripped armor

Atila the Hutt is a legendary Sangheili mercenary that works for the Elite Remnant Legion.

For user equivalent see Atila the hutt.

Early LifeEdit

When Atila the Hutt was a boy he was a son of a male zealot who went on a mission to discover vehicles that could travel to a new universe. He found a old forerunner ship designed for galactic time travel that could lead to other universes before the Chat Empire discovered how to use this technology. Then Atila the Hutt's father (Rolte Fult) repaired the ship and activated it. Rolte Fult and his entire company of elites and covenant researchers were sent to the star wars galaxy during the Dark Times. They landed on Tatooine where most covenant died due to the harsh conditions and the crash landing.

Atila and was sent with his father to discover "The Early Journey" which was said to be an honor while his mother waited for them to return. Atila's father died holding off multiple tusken raiders so the younger Atila and a few other survivors could escape. Most survivors were killed by tuskens and only eight covnenant survived. Three were Kig-Yar, two were Unggoy , one was a Hurogok, another was a Stealth Sangheili, and the last one was Atila. When Atila grew older the Stealth Sangheili gave Atila his brown armor and his personal energy sword. By then, Atila went on some mercenary missions to make money until he was recruited by the Hutts.

Atila was sent to Nal Hutta where he joined the Honok Hutts (a hutt clan) and gained a better reputation. Atila then gained a big reputation and was close friends with Bubba the Hutt who said Atila was like the son he never had. Atila never came back for the next 10 years and when he did he was 18 and a hired mercenary.  Atila was given an offer to betray Bubba the Hutt who was like Altila's father to him ,so Atila refused and killed the man that asked him. Soon a army of mercenaries and bounty hunters hunted Atila and Bubba the Hutt and Atila helped defend Bubba. Then Atila broke into Bubba's rival's (Juggor the Hutt) base and challenged Juggor to his favorite game passak.

Atila said if he won then Bubba the Hutt would have to be removed from his bounty. Atila won the bet and then saved Bubba's life. For Atila's loyalty he became Atila the Hutt, the first outsider to take a Hutt title. Atila then gained a palace and a army of mercenaries. Atila even has bounty hunters that serve him all located on a world called Horlite which is a temperate world that doesn't have a huge profile, which gives Atila less rivals nearby. When Atila learned of Chat's new technology he found a way to use it to travel to the Halo Universe and join General B.H.'s remnant to learn more about his people, which he had hardly known.

Fighting in the LegionEdit

Atila the Hutt is a commander for the Elite Remnant Legion and he is their stealth operations commander as well. Unlike most stealth operations commanders he does not have silver ultra the elites armor ,but he has the same brown armor he has had since he was 18 and he put some yellow stripes on it to represent his Hutt family. Atila the Hutt still has his own palace and mercenary forces that he can use at his own will along with some personal bounty hunters that protect his palace and aid the Remant Legion. Atila has even given up his criminal life and now he sends his mercenaries and bounty hunters on missions for the

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Atila the Hutt

good of the planet he lives on, and occasionally aiding the Elite Remant Legion.

He fought to defend THDF HQ when it was attacked by the Mandalorian Empire. He also helped evacuate civilians during the New Eden Crises, after the Tacit Ronin, Yabab and Glofnog managed to alert the coalition forces.

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