UFM Ship

The Augury of Justice

The Augory of Justice is the Unnamed Field Marshall's flagship. It is a Reverence-class cruiser, and the largest ship in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. Due to a lack of knowledge on Covenant ships, many in Team Heretic Dinofox initially thought it was a CCS-class battlecruiser.


The cruiser is a long, vaguely organic-shaped spacecraft (often referred to having many bulbous sections), capable of launching dozens of fightersdropships, and boarding craft. It is equipped with the standard energy shield generators, pulse laser turrets, and plasma torpedo launchers, and used as the final trump card for space combat by the Scouting Fleet. It is more frequently used for supporting ground operations, capable of deploying upwards of several hundred troops of various races, as well as support vehicles and aircraft through its gravity lift.


Control RoomEdit

The control room of the cruiser is located, as on most known Covenant starships, in the midsection of the ship, protected by thick armor in addition to the ship's shields. A raised platform in the center of the spacious room ringed with holographic controls is the Combat Information Center, or CIC, of the Control Room. These controls are most likely for fire control, navigation, sensors, ship diagnostics, internal security monitors, etc. In front of the command center is a large holographic "banner" which is used for navigation purposes. The crew in the control room is consisted of mostly High Command Zealots alongside a few guards. It is also where the Unnamed Field Marshall directs the tactical aspects of his battles and hosts Fleetboard Committee meetings.


There are at least eight hangar bays aboard the Reverence-class - four to starboard and four to port side. They are each three-tiered, with a large amount of space between the floors and ceilings of each level. Each bay contains various vehicles, such as Phantoms, Wraiths, and mounts of Mass Deployment Carapaces. On the bottom floor, with a pillar-like platform used for dismounting passengers rising up and connecting to the second level. Troops are arrayed upon the second and third floors, with multiple stationary plasma shields and Shade turrets.

Gravity Lift Edit

The Reverence-class cruiser is also equipped with two ventrally-mounted Gravity lift, enabling the quick and easy transportation of personnel, vehicles, equipment and supplies to a planet's surface. Objects or personnel placed in it are propelled upward or downward rapidly by an anti-gravity field, and are able to gently disembark, despite the high speeds occupants can reach.

Special Cubicle for Lord of the STARSEdit

A special housing unit that the UFM designed to house his long-time ally, Lord of the STARS. The layout is unclear, as Kig-Yar are known to rearrange furniture, but it contains at least a few tables, chairs, and an extranet subscription that automatically downloads new issues of the Kings of Eayn magazine.


While the Augury of Justice has been present for all battles that the Scouting Fleet participated in, the battlecruiser itself has only had to fight in three instances; the skirmish on the Unnamed Sharp-Yar World, The Raid on the Scouting Fleet, and the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b.

Equipment and GearEdit


Vehicles and TurretsEdit

  • 275 Seraph fighters (Nearly twice as many Banshees)
  • 80 Phantoms
  • 50 Phantom Gunboats
  • 4 Liches
  • 10 Modular Tyrant-class Stationary Cannons
  • 5 Modular Mantis-class Stationary Cannons
  • 80 Wraiths
  • 200 Ghosts (Just as many Revenants and Spectres)
  • 300 Shade Turrets

Crew (2558)Edit

  • 3,807 Unggoy (Originally 8,000)
  • 4,401 Kig-Yar (Originally 7,000)
  • 2,132 Sangheili (Originally 5,000)
  • 968 Mgalekgolo (Originally 2,000)


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