Spartan Aylin Bray is one of the three (possibly four) survivors of OPERATION: GLAIVE, a joint operation conducted by six Spartan Fireteams, and evaded the enemy forces for over three weeks until she was found and rescued by one of the Unnamed Field Marshall's patrols. However, after the events of the Slipspace Rift Incident, they were all thrown into the Team Heretic Dinofox Universe

Pre-Chat ConflictEdit

Spartan Bray was born on Victoria in the 111 Tauri System in October of 2539. With both her parents being commissioned officers, she was sent to Officer Candidate School in 2547, but dropped out a year later to enlist for the Marine Corps instead. Her training was completed unusually early due to the increasing desperation of the UNSC during the latter half of 2552; even though she only saw combat for the last two months of the Human-Covenant War, she earned several medals. 

From December of 2552 to mid 2554, she aided in relief efforts for colonies.

At some point in 2555, she enlisted in the Spartan-IV program. In a similar situation to Spartan Madsen, her background spoke louder than her combat experience and she easily made it in, receiving the augmentations.

In early 2557, she, along with 24 other Spartan-IVs were tasked with taking down a planetary trading business that a small army of Jiralhanae pirates had organized. The mission ended in a UNSC pyrrhic victory due to the fact that every Spartan (Save Aylin and three others) was killed; many in the UNSC disapproved of the operation due to the "Spartan-III" style all-or-nothing deployment into an extremely high risk mission.

Eventually, the survivors who were separated tried to steal a Phantom and they each survived on their own for several weeks. The other pair eventually found each other and made their way off, assuming Aylin and the last Spartan were KIA. Spartan Bray hid in the wilderness for another two days before she encountered a patrol led by the Unnamed Field Marshall, who promptly rescued her. The last survivor was never found, being officially listed as MIA by the UNSC.

Assisting Team Heretic DinofoxEdit

Spartan Bray worked under the command center of the Field Marshall's Corvette, and occasionally deployed to help in minor conflicts. Due to the lack of UNSC weaponry in the THDF universe, she received special training in utilizing Covenant weaponry to maximum effectiveness, and showed unusually high prowess with an Energy Sword, much to the dismay of several Zealots within the Scouting Fleet. However, Team Heretic Dinofox member DMR sent her a shipment of weapons before the Fleet left Gaeto; including M36A5C'sM9H'sUAP45's, and M35-FFL's.

She helped the Scouting Fleet with the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, once again proving herself has a remarkable soldier. After the invasion, she headed to the New Eden with the combined fleet and given shore leave.

The peace was not to last, as the Black Fang assassin group followed them there in an attempt to simultaneously eliminate the leaders of THDF. Spartan Bray became targeted by a band of Kig-Yar snipers who tried to assassinate her; surviving the failed attempt, she killed all members of the group, but was arrested in the process. Andare and her allies freed her from custody and she rode back onto the Back with a Vengeance so that the Spartan could retrieve her armor. Unbeknownst to her, the armory AI had significantly modified her MJOLNIR GEN-2 armor to more closely resemble the likeness of Savior Team's armor model, integrated with components of Mandalorian armor.

Equipped with the new Mandalorian IV, she deployed to New Eden once again. Due to her late arrival in the battle, she only participated in civilian evacuation. Despite this, she managed to challenge and defeat Tauwei, one of the six assassins.

Immediately after the New Eden Crisis, she traveled to Yoth on board the Augury. At the time, the Back With a Vengeance was being raided by a large band of Raptor pirates. Aylin departed to assist her allies but arrived too late to save Captain Richard Lee from his demise. After rendezvousing with Savior Team, they retook an armory at the cost of severe injuries to Spartan Alysha Morris. At that point, everybody agreed that the ship was lost and planned to take the escape pods to Yoth.

The escape was successful, through Pelicans as opposed to escape pods, despite a vicious encounter with a Xenomorph. All the human forces rallied with the Augury of Justice. Unbeknownst to Jene Wakerman, the new captain, Nikolai Pereshenko, Aylin Bray, and several dozen spec-ops Sangheili took four liches to the surface of Yoth in an attempt to assassinate the former's ex-ally, Hollow Tyrant.

The mission encountered an unfortunate hindrance when both Spartans, in addition to their target, fell into a massive crevasse, while two Liches were damaged and one was beyond repair. As the blizzard came, they had to remain in the crevasse. Luckily, they subdued Hollow Tyrant with the help of the remaining members of the Tacit Ronin.

Spartan Bray3

Aylin Bray moving to provide sniper cover.

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