The BFG-90 is a double barreled Light machine gun used by the resistance and civilian militia.

Description Edit

The BFG-90 is a unique new design by Ordrade industries which are well known for there reliable weapons like the FML6C and the MK54 assault rifle, this new weapon has been designed to have two barrels which fire double the amount of projectiles fired per push of the trigger, the BFG-90 can be fitted with two magazines for both the barrels which both carry 200 rounds, which leads to the weapon carrying 400 rounds of 7.62mm.

This weapon also uses a system that allows the barrels to revert into the weapon which forces most of the recoil into the users soldier instead of upwards, like most firearms, unfortunately the weapons internals are really complex but this does not stop the weapon from being any less reliable.

Pros Edit

  • Massive damage output
  • Controllable recoil
  • Can hold a massive amount of rounds
  • Fast fire rate

Cons Edit

  • Must be properly maintained
  • Really lengthy reload
  • Poor accuracy at long range
  • Bulky and can sometimes get in the way
  • Expensive
  • complicated internals

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