Back with a Vengeance
Class of ship: Carrier
Production information
Manufacturer UNSC
Class Carrier
Technical information
Length 3,000 metres (9,800 ft)
Width 120 metres (393 ft 8 in)
Slipspace drive Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine
Shielding Covenant era
Hull 36 centimeters (14 in) of Titanium-A battle plate
  • Magnetic Accelerator Cannon (4)
  • 300 Plasma torpedoes 
Crew 2,100
Role(s) air superiority and deployment of ground troops
Affiliation Team Heretic Dinofox/ Resistance

The Back with a Vengeance in space

Its Captain was Richard Lee. After his death, he was replaced by Jene Wakerman.

It was transported into the THDF universe during a Slipspace Rift Incident.

Cargo Edit

Equipment Edit

Supplies Edit

Personnel Edit

  • Many Kig Yar Mercenaries
  • Many UNSC Marines
  • 2 spartan IV's
  • Kig-Yar Baron Fortunato

Na Zego Incident Edit

When the Back with a Vengeance was teleported into the THDF universe the crew was low on supplies from the campaign being waged in the Ancillian system. The people of Na Zego took them in and gave them food and a warm bed. Savior Team also used the opportunity to upgrade much of their equipment. But soon the Chat Empire showed up and demanded that the members of the Back with a Vengeance hand over their tech, or be considered enemies of the state. As with other instances with the slip-space rifts, the Chat wanted to make sure the ship was not a threat. They also saw this as a chance to discover new technology. The Captain, Richard Lee, saw this as unacceptable and planned to attack the Chat Empire.

However, after Savior received intel from the locals on the size and scope of the Chat Empire, it was agreed upon by Richard Lee and the locals that Richard would prolong the negotiations until a solar flare. Solar flares were very common on Na Zego. Then precisely before the solar flare (which would produce an EMP) hit the planet, the Back with a Vengeance would escape using its slip-space drive. When the Captain got out of slip-space and radioed Na Zego he found static. Thinking it was the EMP, the Captain continued on his way to another system, hopefully not controlled by the Chat.

However, when the Back with a Vengeance reached the next planet, they found it deserted, with only a small civilian ship being found. After meeting the survivors on the ship, Savior Team found out the truth. The Chat sacked planets around Na Zego in retaliation for the civilian cooperation with the Back with a Vengeance. Their hope was that either the ship would turn up and surrender, or the chat could find it's location and hunt it down.

That was also when Savior Team first heard about The Resistance and the atrocities the Chat Empire had committed. It was not long before the Back with a Vengeance was apart of the resistance with every member fully committed to stopping the Chat and their allies.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

It supported the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution in the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b.

Crises on New Eden Edit

The Back with a Vengeance was leased out to a pirate during the beginning of the battle due to the economic problems of the crew. The pirate returned it but took the 50 megaton Shiva nuclear missile. Other than that the ship has remained untouched. This could be the result of a bargain the traitor Spartan Blake struck with Black Fang.

Return to Yoth Edit

The ship was boarded by Raptor Pirates and Mandalorians at Yoth. The Raptor Pirates attempted to steal vital supplies and equipment but the Spirit of Honor drug the wounded ship near the GF lll and any attempts by the raptors to escape was met with hordes or AA fire. Scouting fleet assets arrived on site to clear the ship and did so effectively.

The Mandalorians tried to steal vital information but the ship AI, Kipling, stopped them. They then left and blew up the ship's engines on their way out. The Guardians of Eden arrived once the ship was clear and dragged it to New Eden for repairs. The ship's Captain, Richard Lee was killed during the raid.

Gallery Edit


Phantoms are used on the Back with a Vengeance

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