Ballistic war droid

Ballistic War Droids are the Mandalorian's primary vehicle.


Unlike most armies' primary vehicle, the Ballistic War Droid is not limited to land. These droids fly from the sky and attack their enemies from above. They have rapid firepower and travel at 80 Mph. They resemble the mandalorians style of combat and wreak havoc on all of the enemies that are around. Their only weakness is that they leave whoever is driving them vulnerable to most attacks.

A mandalorian does not even have to be an experianced pilot to fly one of these droids. As long as they know how to fly and have passed the fling test they are allowed to fly the droids. Whoever is piloting these vehicles can be a easy target for snipers, however, if the sniper have the aim to shoot them in a short amount of time before they attack or if they shoot at them while they go around for another attack. Though the droids often attack in strikes they can also shoot directly at their enemies while, holding their postions.This makes the mandalorians on the droids even easier targets ,but also makes them more precise. These droids even come with missiles so if they attack you then, you better start running.

These droids can heavily damage practically any vehicle in one strike except for the most heavily amored and massive vehicles (scarabs or AT-ATs). Even so it will only take 1 droid to take down a AT-AT if it attacks it from behind and only about three for a scarab who will easily be able to outflank it.  When it comes to fighting air crafts or starfighters it just depends on what the war droids are up against. Fast fighters like the a-wings, tie-interceptors, and usnc space fighters would be able to quickly out manuver balistic war droids. On the contrary., ballistic war droids would be able to match tie fighters, banshies, and hornets. 

The ballistic war droids do hold an edge against the more deadly star fighters or air crafts. The ballistic war droids travel in hundreds to tousands and will often out number most air vechiles. Even if a unsc starfighter could take out a balistic war droid it would not be as sucessful against five. These droids also are great at shooting down transports, taking out enemies commiunications, and taking out enemies supplies before the main mandalorian forces even attack.  One deadly tactic is when half of the war droids attack from the mandalorains main postion while, the others charge at their enemy. When this tactic is used a few war droids might even out flank their enemies from all sides. 

If driven by the right mandalorians then five ballistic war droids might be enough to take out an entire enemy platoon with  minor ground vehicle and turret support. These droids are also great for attacking foretresses, bases, and infintary positions. These droids can easily destroy anti-air craft turrets and dodge their attacks. The droids are even great at attacking planetary naval vessels (on water) and  can attack them from all directions. The droids are great for destroying buildings and transorts (pelicans or phantoms) before they land.  In almost every way these droids prove a nightmare for whoever they face.

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