Chat super carrier

A lone super carrier on patrol.

The Ban-Hammer class Super Carrier is a massive ship used by the Chat Empire. While at almost the same length as the Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser, this starship trades direct for indirect firepower. 


An overall length of 11 km, this carrier is slightly larger then the assault cruiser. However, the super carrier, for ship defense, carries only 300 anti-air turrets, 175 laser cannons, 20 M50 Raven Missile Pods, and 3 dark matter super cannons. To make up for it's lack of armament, it carries five full sized hangers that can deploy fighters, dropships, gunships, bombers, shuttles, and even small starships like the Emoticon class Corvette. They act as mobile ports that can even repair the largest of starships. To help protect them, they have heavy shields and are usually found in the center of fleets, being protected by assault cruisers. By themselves, they can hold off a light attack but are not made to go toe to toe with other starships. Their job is to support the main fleet and repair ships after the battle. Compared to the Assault Carrier counterpart, the Super Carrier is also designed to be able to house more troops on-board, and for longer periods of time.


These ships are fairly new to the Chat Empire as they never really needed to have dedicated carriers, though they have since learned even the most powerful starships can be destoryed by even the smallest of crafts. Notable uses include the Saurian Ceti IV crisis, the Sector W conflict, Operation YOLO, the Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling, and the Battle of the Smiley Belt. Recenty, a pirate by the name of Lord of the STARS was able to steal one for Team Heretic Dinofox.


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