Bandon is a veteran soldier in the New Galactic Republic, and serves in the Sentinels branch. His armor is a custom painted red variant of the standard Sentinel armor. There is controversy to whether or not he used actual paint, or the blood of his enemies, but he claims that it's the former.

History Edit

Bandon shares the same home planet of New Naboo with his squadmate, Holland, although Bandon's childhood wasn't as privileged. His father was a gunsmith, while his mother was a tanner, and he sometimes had to take up occupation as a servant for the planet's upper-class. Despite their poverty, his parents always sought the best for their children, and Bandon with his two siblings, were sent to a neighboring system that promised opportunity under the condition of temporary servitude. He made a living as a bouncer or domestic enforcer due to his aggressiveness, and even had a large home, and a stable relationship with a girlfriend. However, his short temper had cost him more than a few contracts, and his employers decided to terminate the arrangement and left him stranded. When Chat recruiters came, he knew he had to take his chance, and enlisted.

Service Record Edit

During the war, Bandon served as a close quarters specialist deployed in the case of urban combat. As the Chat invaded a resistance world in 2555, Bandon acquired blueprints for "Shotty-Pistols," a hybrid that's both light and lethal, which would later become his signature weapons. Later in the war, he participated in the Fall of Yoth; his team was deployed to board resistance ships and capture them. He succeeded in taking a trio of supply frigates, but was captured when he attempted to take down a cruiser. He remained a prisoner of war until the events on Gaeto, in which he was offered to join the New Galactic Republic; an offer he accepted. Although he does not participate in battle as frequently as he used to, Bandon instead oversees the training of other sentinels. Many recruits describe his training as fierce and intense, and the CQC sentinels program attained a 50% wash-out rate. Those who pass his regime are extremely grateful that the training had been used to the fullest extent.


Personality Edit

Bandon can be described as assertive, realistic, and arrogant. His personality greatly complements his role as a close quarters specialist. Bandon initially comes across as a man who's hard to please, but is trustworthy and reliable once his respect is earned. He is also very confident about his abilities, yet also has a quick temper. Some of the NGR military brass have expressed their concern about Bandon sometimes beating his rookies, but most are pleased with the results he gets.

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