The Banhammer-class Bane Cruiser, or simply Bane Cruiser for short, is one of the most powerful ships in the Chat Empire. At just under 20 km in length, it dwarfs almost every other ship in the galaxy, including the Ban-Hammer class Assault Cruiser.


A Super Ban-Hammer.


The most recognizable feature of the Bane Cruiser is its needle-esque shape, along with the length of the needle-shaped warship. The Bane Cruiser is armed with 2 troll turbolasers, over 400 heavy laser cannons, 350 point defense guns, 300 laser turrets, 30 M80 Eagle Missile Pods, 20 M60 Falcon Missile Pods, 4 dark matter accelerators, and 2 NOVA bombs. To top it all off, it also has a large hanger located on the underside, allowing them to dock anything from fighters to even frigates. The downside of these ships are that they are exceptionally slow and, due to their size and cost, very few in number. Most planets do not even have docks large enough to take these spaceships in. While the starship is massive, its size also makes it a large target, and enough firepower can disable it to a giant floating pile of metal

These ships were created by some of the top generals in the Chat Empire, who felt the assault cruisers were not doing enough to bring The Resistance to its knees. However, once the Chat Schism, broke out, two feel into the hands of the New Galactic Republic, meaning the chances of two of these going into combat against one another are extremely high.

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