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Sector W Conflict Raid on the Sixth Fleet of Trolling
Battle for Planet Blood
Planet Blood, seen here.
Vital statistics
Participants Primary:
Date December, 2554
Location On and around Planet Blood

The Battle for Planet Blood was a two part invasion launched by Team Heretic Dinofox in December of 2554. The conflict in orbit was handled by the Unnamed Field Marshall's fleet alongside the assistance of Lord of the STARS, while the planet-side battle was handled by Fox McCloud and DMR.

Space Conflict

This conflict was the first time THDF encountered the Chat Empire's deadly Banhammer-class Bane Cruiser. With the massive Chat flagship of the battle easily dwarfing even the Reverence-class Augury of Justice, the team was forced to improvise to bring down the behemoth of a ship. After losing over a half-dozen Covenant Frigates to the Chat, the Field Marshall skillfully positioned the Augury directly above the Bane Cruiser, right where the latter's most devastating weapons could not hit it.

Several dozen Ranger Teams were deployed, including Echo, Foxtrot, Uniform, X-ray and Zulu. The teams were responsible for sabotaging the ship below in any manner; a task they accomplished with heavy casualties.

Ground War

Fox and DMR briefly descended to the surface during the later stages of the conflict. When the latter became injured, Fox cleverly attached him to the exterior of the Arwing before flying back to the Great Fox.


The wreckage of the Bane Cruiser completely ravaged portions of the tiny planet, ultimately rendering it uninhabitable due to catastrophic environmental damage; the unavoidable bi-product of war.


  • The battle was the first appearance of the Unnamed Field Marshall.