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The Hunt for Commander Heathcliff Operation Black Eagle
Police adn civics clash, omega

It did not take long for the once peaceful protests to get out of hand.

The first major battle of the The Chat Schism; it pitted the Chat Empire against the New Galactic Republic, with the latter receving help from Team Heretic Dinofox and Commander Heathcliff.


After Karl and Vidmas7er had been sentenced to death, Karl’s secure information about the chat, released curtsey of S3kshun8, caused riots to break out across the galaxy. The protests started getting more and more out of hand until violence between riot police and the protesters reached a boiling point. Words turned into bullets and the once peaceful protest turned into a blood bath aimed at toppling the Chat government. Fighting broke out on most of the Chat planets, on both land and space. Some of the heaviest fighting would occur Eafth on, and members of Team Heretic Dinofox where dispatched with the goal of freeing Karl before he was executed. Unknown to most of the members of Dinofox, Heathcliff was also attacking Eafth, with the intent of freeing Vid and capturing any intel on his sister, Miku

Eafth fleet fights itself

The fighting above Eafth was a slaughter, since the starships were so close to eachother.

First phase

With the Eafth defense fleet tearing it self apart, Dinofox sent in a handful of shuttles to avoid getting dragged into the conflict abovethe planet. DMR, Jess, and eight Delta SEALS took one of their Pelicans to Eafth, while Raptor, thirty of his soldiers, FoxLord of the STARS took two more dropships; all of which made a beeline for the city of Omega. The plan called for safely extracting Karl from the city before the Chat could kill him. However, this was complicated by the fact that Civilian Militia along with defected Chat soldiers were fighting Chat soldiers still loyal to the government, meaning Dinofox could not just blow through the city. The weather would make things even harder, as heavy rain only complicated things.

Eafth milita

A member of the civilian militia.

Coming in hot, Jess’s team touched down in a plaza with heavy fighting raging on around. Quickly identifying those who were fighting to save Karl, Jess asked them if they knew exactly where Karl was. She learned that he was being held in a maximum security prison, located underground, a few clicks from their position. Raptor and his troops joined Jess, as Fox and STARS made their way to the capital building. Jess and company quickly made their way towards the prison, using the weather to their advantage. 
Empire fights milita

Chat soldiers fight back militias in the opening scenes of the fight on Eafth.

Once they got to the prison, another intense firefight broke out. However, raptors troops were able to flank the Chat soldiers after DMR had suppressed them. Moving into the prison, the group ran into three Chat Bodyguards, who told them where in the prison Karl was located. Once they reached there, the team ran into T3CHNOCIDEZeta, and their personal bodyguards. After an intense fight between both parties, Jess and DMR were able to reach Karl, and DMR gave him his personal sidearm for defense. Ultra Force also made an appreance in the prison, coming to the aid of Dinofox. Karl told everyone that Knightmare had taken Blue to the capital building and was in the process of deactivating her. They split into two teams, with Karl and Jess in one, with DMR, Raptor, and Ultra Force in another. Karl and Jess made it to the building in one piece but after Zeta injuried Raptor, DMR offered to stay back and hold him off so the other two could regroup with the main attack force. 

Omega rain

The weather made the battle all the more worse, since visibility was reduced.

Else where in Omega, another team consisting of Commander Heathcliff, SinonAndare, and their personal robotic troops snuck into the city and made their way towards the capital building. They had listened to Dinofox's personal coms and learned where Knightmare was located. Hoping to get Blue before she was destroyed by Knightmare, and possibly find any new information about his sister, the team was soon caught in the middle of the bloody civil war on Eafth. Their ship, The Hecate, deployed them via drop pods into the building, where while the fighting was not as intense, still ravaged the building. Heathcliff, only wishing to find Knightmare, was not to concerned about who was on what side, blowing through the troops until he could locate his sister. Once he found out what floor he was on, he order his team to move it there on the double. However, before they could get into the room, Heathcliff would have to deal with Bravadostock, who was guarding the door.

Second Phase

DMR and Zeta got into a hand-to-hand fight outside the prison, since they could not kill each other with their firearms. The two knew how to avoid the others fire, forcing them to settle it with their fists and knives. The fight was brutal, since DMR's strong suit was never using his fists to get the job done. However, after a long fight, DMR was able to knock out Zeta by slamming his head against a wall. Thinking he had killed him, DMR got himself together and started making his way towards the capital building to met up with his team.

Blurry battle pic

It was a brutal fight to reach the capital building.

Karl and Jess made it to the building only to be meet with a volume of enemy fire. Karl told Jess to head towards the building, telling them he would meet up with them soon. Making his way to a nearby weapons storage room, Karl was able to break into the building with help from ex-chat soldiers, who where called the Republic Guard. Grabbing a jetpack, Karl and the troops made their way back to the capital building, being forced to fight back against Chat forces. 
Seals water city

The situation was due or die for the SEALS, and they made the Chat pay gravely for their victory.

Jess were pinned down from enemy snipers but STARS was able to take them down, allowing the group to advance into the building. As soon as the got to the building, word came in that the Chat was mounting a counter attack to retake the main entrance. A few SEALS and some of Raptor's troops opted to stay behind and cover the main entrance. As and Raptor made their way up the building, they ran into the Admin Wilc0, who was also trying to get Blue for Karl. Working together, the team almost made it to Knightmare but were side tracked when they were ambushed by Forerunner and Haloprov. While their troops engaged each other, Jess and Raptor, who had made it back with Ultra Force, were forced to engage Forerunner and Haloprov. Both sides were evenly matched, with neither side giving in or up. Ultra was with the few remaining SEALS and other soldiers, defending the main entrance. 

Heathcliff ordered Andare and Sinon to go and try their luck at breaking into the room while he fought Bravado. Though neither one wished to kill eachother, it was more of a sparring match, with each testing the others strength. The exchanged both blows and words, each pushing themselves closer and closer to their limits. Sinon and Andare were able to get above the security room holding Blue, but it was going to be a huge task of getting into the room. Heavily reinforced, explosives were not enough to blast into the room. By now though, Knightmare, Miku, and the five bodyguards knew an attack was coming soon and prepped the room for a fight. 

Thrid Phase

Eafth battle night

Though night had fallen, the fight was still going on.

Karl detached from his troops, telling them to break through the Chat line and make sure they can't flank dinofox. Though they never made it, they confused the Chat enough to buy Ultra Force and the defenders enough time to regroup, rearm, and get ready for the next wave. Karl got on top of one of the nearby buildings and used the Jet pack to try and get up to Blue. His Jet pack ran out of fuel before he could reach the room, and crashed through a window, one floor below Knightmare. Drawing his pistol, he came out of the room to see Jess in a desperate fight with two admins.

Forerunner had injured Wilc0 and his forces took him away from the fight to get him medical attention. Ratpor, on Fox's orders, had left to regroup with STARS and him, as they planned to breach the room containing Blue. Fox, knowing Blue was made from the very crystals they brought him here, knew that she could be his ticket home. Jess, while holding her own, knew she would not last much longer. She cut open Foreunner with her knife, only to get cut open herself. As she fell to the ground, Jess heard the familiar sound of DMR's pistol, but looked to see Karl firing the gun instead. Shooting Haloprov, he stubbled backwards from the sheer force of the bullets. Using the timely entrance of Karl, Jess went on the offensive, beating back Foreunner until Chat reinforcements arrived to push the two back. Though bloody and dazed, Wilc0 gave Karl a Laser Cutlass to use for the battle. Thanking him, Jess, Karl and the four remaining SEALS continued moving towards Knightmare's room.

Heathcliff v bravado

Heathcliff blocking one of many of Bravado's attacks.

Bravado and Heathcliff continued to duke it out. Growing tired of the fight, Heathcliff charged Bravado and hit his sword with enough force to break it. However, this did not slow down Bravado as he proceeded to stab Heathcliff with his busted sword. This tread kept up with the two, with both if them trading blows with each other. Heathcliff popped one of Bravado's lungs, Heathcliff hit back and popped a blood vessel in Heathcliff's eye. Bravado's emotions only got stronger, increasing the power in his attacks and his awareness of the battle, though this did not make it easier to fight Heathcliff. Sinon and Andare, realizing they could not blow through the top of the building, decided to instead try to get into the room through the bullet resistant glass. Though it would take some time to break through it, it was quicker then coming in from the ceiling. The teams were running out of time though, since Knightmare was getting closer to cracking through Blue's defense shield to shut her down. 

Final Phase

Bloody bravado

No matter how injured Bravado got, he never slowed down.

Jess and Karl came up to Knightmare’s room to see Heathcliff and Bravado fighting eachother. Karl decided to sneak around them and get into the room the same way Sinon and Andare did. Jess snuck around the pair and proceeded to manually override the security door to get into the room. Sinon and Andare got into a fight with Miku and the Chat bodyguards, which resulted in both parties resorting to hand to hand combat. While Karl moved slowly, Jess was able to get into the room quite quickly, though as soon as she got in there, she was ambushed by Knightmare, who attacked her with his laser cutlass. Drawing her knife again, she engaged Knightmare in yet another brutal close quarters fight. Sinon was getting all she could handle from the Miku droid, but she was able to destroy her although she herself was severely injured. Chat bodyguards, while out matched compared to the two girls, where able to bring them to the ropes a few times. After Jess had tackled Knightmare through a class panel, he stabbed her with a hidden laser blade, causing her roll off him, gasping for air. Just before he was going to kill her though, he noticed another figure sneaking up on him. 
Guard prepare for attack

Chat body guards brace for Sinon and Andare's attack.

He turned around to see Karl behind him, who had entered the room through the broken window and had been hoping to sneak around Knightmare and grab Blue before he noticed. The two drew cutlasses and starting fighting each other. Backing Karl up against a wall, Knightmare seem poised to win until Jess came out of no where and attacked him. Taking out one of his legs, Jess held on to him where he elbowed her in the gut multiple times, causing her to spit up blood. In one move though, she snapped his vertebrae, paralyzing him from the neck down. Gathering themselves, Karl and Jess headed over towards Blue and she gladly joined them. Sinon and Andare killed the last of the bodyguards as Chat Shuttles came towards the window to pick up Knightmare. They all left the room as Heathcliff and Bravado continued to fight. They were both bloody and had multiple broken bones, yet they continued to fight, testing to see how far the other one would go. However, realizing they would have another chance to fight each other again; they let each other walk away. Heathcliff, Sinon, and Andare prepared to go back to the Hecate and continue their search for Vid while Karl, Blue, and Jess tried to contact Ultra and DMR. However, they heard nothing on the coms.

Meanwhile, Fox left the scene in order to evacuate troops in a shuttle, but as he reached orbit, he was soon captured by the Loyalists fleet.  Just before his shuttle was boarded by Loyalists, he sent out an SOS signal to the nearby Separatist cruiser CES-1337.  The Cruiser acknowledged his request to track nano-robotics implanted in him to his next holding place, and agreed to open fire on it.


Ultra learned the hard way that heart will only take you so far.

DMR, upon entering the building, was taken aback by the amount of dead bodies everywhere. While trying to advance through the building, DMR came under fire from T3CH, who had been waiting for enemies to show up. T3CH, and his robotic troops engaged DMR in a firefight. Though DMR was able to hold them off, he was soon overwhelmed by the sheer number of troops, not to mention T3CH used his superior knife skills to keep DMR on edge. After almost killing DMR with a grenade, the timely arrival of Ultra Force gave DMR some much needed breathing room. Though DMR was initially relived to have some backup, he soon learned Ultra Force had no combat experience, just a lot of heart. Before long, T3CH showed up again, andput DMR on the ground for good. Ultra tried his best but he was no match for T3CH’s years of combat, and he put down Ultra with little effort. Before T3CH and his troops could kill them though, militia members backed by the Republic Guard stormed in and forced them back. Seeing the two injured, the troopers took the two back to an underground hospital under orders from Wilc0. For the moment being, DMR and Ultra were unable to contact their team; forcing Jess, Karl, Blue, and the four remaining SEALS to serach the city for the pair. 

Regrouping for the next assault

Karl, Jess, and her four remaining Delta SEALS, Stephens, Mike, Trent, and Blake, left the capital building in search for Ultra Force and DMR. Not knowing where to start, Blue told them that she was picking up heavy traffic of signals from an undisclosed location. Though she could not pick up the exact location, Blue said that were not using Chat communications, leaving Karl to suspect it was a base containing the militia and republic guard. Walking through the worn, torn city at night, the only lights came from anything on fire and the passing search lights of enemy drop ships. While making their way around, Blue, who was still trying to clean up the signal, was able to figure out the signal was coming from somewhere underground, further supporting the idea that it was the militia. Going down one of the many sewer tunnel entrances, the team began their walk towards the signal. During this walk, Jess and Karl had a discussion about their roles as protectors. Jess, still upset after abandoning Yoth, said that as her teams leader, it was her job to ensure not only their safety, but the safety of those stuck in the middle of the fight. Karl disagreed, saying it was only worth saving the important people, that trying to save everyone would result in both parties dying. Jess, for her part, told Karl that everyone is important, that you have to still try. Holding up the four dog tags of the SEALS she had lost, she remained him of their sacrifice to help save him. This conversation was even made worse by the interruption of Heathcliff, who was tapping into Dinofox’s communications. 

Heathcliff was drilling Karl for any information on Vid’s whereabouts, to which Karl told him he had no idea where Vid was. Heathcliff called out Karl, and to a degree Jess, about how they did not care about him. When Jess tried to break up the two, Heathcliff told Jess to only worry about her “boyfriend” to which Jess told Heathcliff to keep his thoughts to himself. Seeing the conversation going no where, Karl shut off the radio, which meant not even Fox could contact the group. Since Fox could neither contact nor locate the team, since Blue was disrupting their location, Fox’s evac left with everyone except the team and DMR. Karl and Jess continued their walk until Stephens starting noticing movement up ahead. Slowing down, Karl tried to contact the people but was unable to, likely due to radio interference. Instead, he had Blue send out a wireless signal proclaiming who he was, hoping the Galactic Republic would be able to pick it up.

Underground hosptial eafth

The underground hospital where DMR and Ultra Force where located.

Back on the hospital, Ultra Force was just waking up from his battle wounds. Walking around, he heard the screams of injuried and dying soldiers as the stumbled forward. He finally made his way into the central command room where Wilc0 was standing, over seeing the entire battle on Eafth. Ultra went over to Wilc0, and asked him where he was. Ultra learned he was in a underground hospital. Wilc0 told him that he had moved DMR and him here when they launched an attack on the capital building. As the two talked, DMR started to wake up from his wounds, though he could not move much. As he was waking up, Karl's transmission was picked up by Wilc0, who ordered the group to be let in immediately. As they walked in, Wilc0 brought Karl up to speed, while Jess went to make sure DMR was alright. While they were talking, Heathcliff contacted Wilc0, demanding information regarding Vid's location. However, when Wilc0's answer was the same as Karl's, Heathcliff threatened to inform the Chat of this base's location. It was at that moment when Karl turned off the communications, though Heathcliff was just bluffing; he had no real intention of giving away their location to the Chat. Nonetheless, Wilc0 had wired the communcations in the base to be untraceable, since they bounced off a lot of radio towers.
Karl's ship

Karl's new personal ship, the Normandy.

As fate would have it though, Karl and Heathcliff would meet again once more on Eafth. Wilc0 told Karl about a Chat data base that contained important information regarding the Chat's military operations. Codenamed Operation Black Eagle, Wilc0 gave Karl a Shadow-class Banshee, named the Normandy, to use to conduct this mission, and others. Though Karl told Wilc0 to come along, Wilc0 replied that he was going to over see the battle on Eafth, as he wanted to keep pressure on the Chat's homeworld. Saying their goodbyes, Karl, Jess, her Delta SEALS, DMR, Ultra Force, and twenty members of the Republic Guard boarded the Normandy and left the base. Unknown to anyone though, Heathcliff and company were also heading towards the same base, as their intel was suggesting that they were holding Vidmas7er there. 

Space Battle Worsens

As the battle on the ground worsened, both sides received naval reinforcements that were instantly brought above Eafth in attempts to gain control of Eafths airspace.  

As Fox was captured by the Loyalists, more waves of reinforcements were brought in by the Separatists in a desperate attempt to regain airspace. Fox was detained in the Stealth Frigate Imminent Victory, and he learned a shocking truth; the ship was carrying the thought to be dead Grand Troll Yarkin, the Administrator Haloprov and was being captained by the infamous Captain Fear. After learning this, the ship took a direct hit from the CES-1337, and it began plummeting towards Eafth. Fox was taken from the Observation Deck where he was held captive, to the Bridge, where he could witness the loss of the Separatist fleet. As he was being transported, he broke free from his restraints, and badly injured Yarkin. Haloprov attempted to stop Fox, but Fox kicked his mask to a point where it unaligned with his mouth. Fox jumped down a spiral staircase, but as he was jumping, Haloprov shot a tazer at him. HK driods then moved in and secured his capture.

Halo fire

Though injured, Haloprov was determined to stop Fox at all costs.

As his plan failed, Fox was sent back to the bridge to witness the destruction of his allies fleet. While methodically thinking out the architecture of Stealth Frigates, the situation in orbit, and his CQC skills, Fox broke free of his chairs handcuffs. Eliminating the Guards and incapacitating Haloprov, Captain Fear, and Yarkin, Fox made a break for the ships Hanger Bay 7. Halted by patrols, Fox made a daring attempt to hotwire two HK droids ignorant of the current situation. After successfully hotwiring them to do his wishes, Fox ran into a heavily fortified area guarding the prisoner possession locker. In the brief firefight, Fox was shot in the shoulder, and the ally HK droids made a suicide run in order to eliminate the fortification.

Fox sent out a distress signal while playing cat and mouse with security personal on the Frigate, and surprisingly picked up an answer from Xytan 'Montrumai. Xytans ship exited slipspace near the Imminent Victory, as it expected to be covered by CES-1337. The cruiser succumbed to destruction after the fleet began concentrating some of its fire on it, and the Unforgiving Spectre was left without cover. Vegito ordered the Spectre to leave system as soon as Vegito was clear of it, and then Vegito proceeded to the Imminent Victory. Fox made his way to the prisoner possession locker, and began tearing through his (and the other shuttle crew members) equipment. A duo of guards patrolling the local area noticed the equipment, and stood guard as Fox hid in a cramped closet. Vegito used ordnance sent from the Unforgiving Spectre to blast through a hanger bay on the frigate, and then managed to make his way to the ships interior. Fox finally jumped out of the storage closet, and shot the two investigating guards. Vegito caught up to Fox, and the two soon faced a dozen guards in a very large patrol. The patrol was massacred after it was ambushed by the duo, with Vegito using active camouflage to flank the patrol, and ultimately confused them. Fox and Vegito made it to the engine room, where they planned to power off the ship and hope for the crew to abandon it after it would decay from its orbit. They broke the backup generator, and used an EMP to disable the primary circuit board. Just as they proceeded to the engine rooms exit, they were met by agents of the Knights of the Blood.

The Knights of the Blood engaged the duo, who were forced to retreat from the engine room. Making their way towards the bridge, Two Knights were hot on their tail, with orders to kill them. Once inside the bridge, they attempted to prevent the Knights from getting in by hardwiring the door shut. However, the two Knights came in through a vent shaft, and separated Fox and Vegito. A firefight broke out as the Knights were much better equipped to deal with Fox and Vegito. Thinking fast, Fox activated a genade and blew a hole into the bridge's windshield. The Knights though were prepared and one of them threw Fox back into the bridge as he tried to escape. As the fight raged on, the ship got steadily closer to Eafth. After the lengthy fight between The Knights and Fox and Vegito ended, a stand off ensued, with Veigto holding one hostage and the other holding Fox hostage. Before they could discuss terms, the one knight killed herself by setting off a gernade, almost killing Vegito in the process. The other one shot Fox, but Fox's armor absorbed most of the energy, saving Fox's life. But before the Knight could fire a second round, he was teleported back to his squad as they were preparing to ditch the ship before it crashed. 

Ship enters atmosphere

The Imminent Victory entering Eafth's atmosphere.

With the birdge in their hands, Fox now wanted to take control of the ship. However, Haloprov's failsafe meant none of the ship's systems would respond to them; and Eafth's gravity was pulling them towards the surface. Using energy from their combat suits, they activated the ship's rudders to try and slow her down. Crash landing on the surface of Eafth, they two had to quickly escape the ship as Chat forces approached the wreck. Hiding in a nearby town, Fox was able to make contact with a resistance pilot
, who was immediately was deployed to safely extract the two. With the space above Eafth still in chaos, the dropship was able to pick up the two before Chat soldiers could get to them. With all three aboard the specially modified dropship, which was capable of limited FTL travel, Fox made plans to head towards the planet of Gaeto; where he had heard of rumors that his team was there helping out Karl. 


  • The battle was the first appearance of RaptorClaw, Ultra Force, and Xytan 'Montrumia