The Battle of Gaeto was a battle with the Chat Remnant that was lost, it is also the event that gotten Aquamarine involved in the war. It ended in a defeat and those who did not wish to be subjected to the chat had fled. For many many years Team Heretic Dinofox, most of the brains of the alliance, and so forth have just gone quite. No one saw nor heard them. But the dethroned chat have saw we where to lazy to keep them from plotting their retake of the empire. They once called us the terrorists, now the coin is flipped.

Karl is the leader of the colony of Gaeto, and played the deciding factor in the Resistance victory. He is still doing stuff, and the Chat see him as their first target. So 400 stealth prowlers have come to Gaeto with a new weapon intended to cause havoc to Gaeto to weaken a major part of the New Galactic Republic. In each cargo hold the ships where filled to the brim with eggs incubating a species of octopus from the movie Grabbers. Each with 800000 eggs onboard. Each one genetically modified to me a certain size, each male teamed up with 80 females, and given a lethal gen the chat planned to activate when the time was right to claim the planet in person.

Of the military who had tried to manage this situation included a large number of sirens who had become citizens of Gaeto and got jobs as policemen and as coast guards, the local Gaeto military, Lord of the Stars was there in person for most of the battle with a large number of Kig-yar, along with Nikolai.

The battle mostly took place near the sea, at towns along the coast and in the airspace above.

More to come.

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