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The Battle of Tougonia was a three sided battle between the Chat and the Mandalorian Empire, the Elite Remnant Legion, and the New Galactic Republic.

Space Battle Mandos

A three way space battle, with the Galactic Republic stuck in the middle.

Mandalorian ContactEdit

The battle began when the Mandalorian Empire started conquering several worlds outside of the Wolf Quadrant; which was split between the Chat Empire, New Galactic Republic, The Resistance, mercenaries and pirates. The Mandalorians had tried to conquer the farthest planet they could find. Unkown to them the Chat had also set their sights on this planet. The battle was close on ground with massive casualties on both sides but the Mandalorians overwhelmed Republic forces in space.

The Battle for Tougonia Edit

The Republic ground forces where being overwhelmed by the amphibious Mandalorian and Chat troops. The Elite Remnant Legion sent 300 troops to aid the Republic.

The Elite Remnant Legion was highly successful until they were ambushed by Mandalorian raiders. But even then the surviving Elites managed to push through the raiders. The hostiles only increased in difficult and only about 20 of the 300 Elite Remant Legion forces survived.

Although Commander Conor personally killed Mandalorian Commander Xelli, the Mandalorian forces managed to conquer Tougnoia.

An alliance is born Edit

Towards the end of the battle, Chat forces aided the Mandalorians by mopping up survivors. They also attempted to steal vital information from the base's computer databases. Fortunately, Atila the Hutt was able to purge the computer database. He found important information that had to do with a rainy world called Jabiim.

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