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Vonelta Base

The Mandalorain base was hidden in the countryside. It would be the sight of most of the battle.

The battle of Vonelta was a battle between the Galactic Republic, Mandalorian Empire, and the Chat Empire.

Darth's Stealth MissionEdit

Darth TheHackingDog was out hunting after he heard Mandalorians had spies in the Galactic Republic during the Second Battle of Eafth. He sent a team of chat commandos to help him look for a hidden Mandalorian base within a republic world called Vonelta. The elite force fought their way with moderate losses to the Mandalorians base then infiltrated it. After discovering some vital data Darth's squad learned that Mandalorians spy network was even more advanced then they could have predicted.

Ultra Force ArrivesEdit

After some Republic forces detected the chat stealth team, Ultra Force took a platoon with him to follow them who were surprised to find a Mandalorian secret base. Most of their fighting ended up being with the Mandalorians where both sides took heavy losses and republic was only gaining ground due to higher numbers. The Mandalorian base was still small and had a garrison of only 30 troops, but they were still extremely vicious.

Three Way ClashEdit

Darth's team fought their way through some of the battle for a brief moment killing a few warriors on both sides then heading to the hangar where the remainder of both teams where heading. All three fractions clashed at this hangar where Ultra managed to incapacitate a Mandalorian commander who was in command of the base. Darth the Hacking Dog was lured by Mandalore during the fight while his bodyguards engaged the last of his stealth team. By now all of the Mandalorian warriors inside of the base and republic soldiers were killed. Soon afterwards, Ultra joined the fray, avoiding the last two chat commandos to catch up with Mandalore and Darth. All three leaders fought at their full strength, but it still seemed as if Mandalore's victory was inevitable.

The Great ChaseEdit

Then Ultra and Darth realized their best chance was to temporarily team up to kill Mandalore. Mandalore managed to get inside of his fighter to escape, but not before Darth damaged his ship causing them to both crash not far from the base. Both leaders were then captured by Republic reinforcements. A trade was latter given by the Chat Empire where they agreed to take Darth and the last two chat commandos so that they wouldn't invade the planet. The Mandalorian assassin Ron Thar later saved Mandalore from his public execution and helped him escape Republic forces including Zeta and Ultra, but not before Zeta planted a tracking device on Mandalore's get away ship.

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