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Lance Bishop
Bishop, on the NR Goldeneye.
Vital statistics
Position Private, First Class
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5' 10"
Weight 60 Kg (approx)

Private First Class Lance Bishop is a special operations commando for the New Republic.


Unicorn HydraEdit

Bishop was one of the six commandos sent on the suicidal Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII.  

Picked for his notable record as a fighter and dropship pilot, as well as a naval bridge officer, Bishop was seen as a potential complete substitute for Fox McCloud in early planning for the mission.   

As the operation began, Bishop flew the stealth pelican which navigated past the immense orbital cloud of defense battlegroups.  Later, he commandeered a hijacked a cargo shuttle in order to gain entrance to the interior planet, then again hijacked the Chat Grafton with RTA Fan and Ricardo Shillyshally.

Bishop was crucial to the end of the Heist, lending his previous naval experience to the decisive victorious escape.

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