The Black Fang is an Private Military Corporation that is willing to do any job, for the right price of course. The Chat Empire loves to use them, either for attacks or even providing secuirty for detecting explosvies.


The insignia of the Black Fang


Their contractors are known for doing what ever it takes to complete the mission. While they do complete their missions, their contractors are not as well trained as other PMCs. The Black Fang specializes in sabotage and abduction missions, and are notable for their creative use of explosives. They are well trained in the use of firearms and explosives, but they prefer to get their jobs done without getting bogged down in firefights. This means they will try to blend in before getting the ball rolling to complete their task.

The Black Fang have had a few notable missions, with one being the abduction Jess McKathy after being hired by Zeta to bomb Gaeto during the Delegation on Gaeto. They also helped set up and detonate explosives that caused chaos during the delegation; with the two bombs killing over a hundred people, and wounding almost 500. 

They also bombed New Eden and tried to assassinate the Unnamed Field Marshal, Lord of the STARS, Madam Celestial Saber, Charmer, Aylin Bray, Nikolai Pereshenko and General B.H. The Black Fang would make a small apperance during the Chat's attack on Beta Maximus 35b, acting as sappers.


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