Blackhole Grenade
The Black Hole Grenade is a Ptranosaurian weapon reserved only for emergencies, and it is so lethal that death is to good for anyone who dares dishonor their people by using them when civilians are present.

Application Edit

The uses of this grenade include operate on impact, remote detonation and countdown detonation. It is usually thrown from the air. Like the gravity javelin or the Kig-yar gravity hatchet, the kinetic energy of being thrown is greatly increased. A rocket propulsion system increases the projectile speed and range.

Payload Edit

When this weapon detonates, usually on the ground, a massive amount of energy will cause a swirling hole of slipspace to vacuum up anything as heavy as 15 locomotives with a spread of 45 feet and a suction range of 145 feet. Everything it sucks up is compressed into a area as large as a marble. Once it has overloaded (in 72 seconds) it will chain react causing a super nova that erupts flame and electricity as well as other energy such as microwave at a radius of 214ft. This heats up the surrounding air until it ionizes. This attack leaves behind nothing but boiling ground, cooling to a gentle smolder.

Weight: 25pounds.

Combat History Edit

So far the Ptranosaurians have not saw cause to use such a weapon as their is no defense against it but to shoot it down before it hits ground, and they felt they already had enough of a advantage. Plus, to much risk of harming civilians. However it was kept on hand should a time come that it would be considered necessary to use it on resisting native forces.

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