Bravado is a mountain of a man.

"While he does have a way with words, most of the time, he can have things done just by his sheer brute force."

-Resistance description of Bravadostock 

Known HistoryEdit

Born on the Dark Oculus, Bravado was raised with one goal in mind: to succeed, to achieve, and to conquer at the expense of others. Bravado was a very competitive child, always striving to finish first. He soon learned that due to his impressive size, he could muscle his way through anything. As he got older, Bravado started to get into trouble with the authorities, who he argued couldn't control him. Once he turned 18, at almost 7 feet tall, no one could really tell Bravado what to do. Seeking a better life for himself, he moved to the planet of New Naboo. There, he would witness first hand that even with all his strength, he was no match for the Chat Empire.

Bring it

Two simple words, "Bring it."

During the events of the New Naboo Revolt, Bravado was forced to take shelter from the Chat bombardments of the cities. However, when Chat Forces broke into the shelter, Bravado attacked them, using his body mass the over power the smaller troops. He killed a handful of them before Hatsune Miku stepped in front of him, ordering him to stand down. He disobeyed and charged her, causing the two to fight it out. Though he had just civilian clothing on and was only armed with his bare hands, he was almost able to kill Miku, who almost made him blind in both eyes. However, she was impressed with his tenacity and offered him a position in the Chat. Seeking more power, he accepted as he was being loaded on a med bay. To help improve his strength, he was given augmentations that increased his strength, speed, endurance, and stamina, while slowing down his aging process. 

Battle StatusEdit

Recently appointed as an Admin, Bravado spent most of his free time training troops in hand to hand
Eotion weapon bravado

His emotions becoming another weapon, Bravado becomes even harder to kill.

combat. With the Galactic Chat War in full swing, he is ready to get his hands dirty and blood in combat. He hates using firearms, saying it takes the fun out of killing people. He uses a custom battle sword that he has had on him for almost 30 years. Bravado loves to fight and kill people, but will only do so if it is a fair fight. He wants to give his opponent the best chance they have to kill him, that way when Bravado wins, he can feel that his victim gave it everything they had. One thing is interesting to note that due to his augmentations, when he gets in raged, his emotions become weaponized and they show around his body. This enhances his combat performance and makes him even more deadly. 

During the Battle of Eafth, Bravado was in-charge of guarding the room housing Knightmare. He was able to kill the few troops that dared to try and get past him, but then a new challenger appeared, Commander Heathcliff. Heathcliff and Bravdo then fought eachother, though they were doing more sparing then actually trying to kill eachother. Bravdo would land a strike only to have Heathcliff deliver one right back. At one point, Heathcliff broke Bravdo's sword, only for Bravdo to still stab Heathcliff with the broken sword. This continued for a while, with both of them getting more and more injured, yet they would not quit. However, the fight ended when Blue was successfully rescued from Knightmare. Seeing that he could no longer accomplish his mission, the two warriors walked away from eachother, looking forward to another meeting.

Bravado would ultimately die during an Attack on Dark Oculus as a combined team of Tyler AlshwindJess McKathy, and Renée were able to kill him after a brutal fight on the planet.

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