Brotherhood of Lenimentum

"We are the cure" - The motto of the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood of Lenimentum was an ancient cult founded a few thousand years before 2558, though the exact time is unknown. The Brotherhood believes that all those who have any thoughts of violence have the "Disease of War" which causes all violence, and must be stopped.

History Edit

The Brotherhood of Lenimentum was founded thousands of years ago by several beings of unknown origin who strongly believed that war was a disease that had to be stopped, and the only way to stop it was to kill all involved. They are extremely strict in recruiting and have very few members, only 32.

Through unknown means, the cult can travel inter-galactically. No one knows how, not even to the extent of if they use machines or can simply travel themselves. The members also have very long lifespans. The eldest members of the Brotherhood are over 9000 years old. The Brotherhood use mostly light-weight melee weapons such as daggers and machetes. They also use poisoned food and drink to kill high value targets.

The only information that the public knows about the Brotherhood is that they want peace and will kill to get it. The Brotherhood is a contreversial topic, as many believe as they do that peace should reign, but do not like their method of trying to create peace. But, no one other than those in the Brotherhood know its actuall strength .

The Brotherhood has tried to assasinate the CEO of Drullkus Industries multiple times, in multiple galaxies, but they have yet to succede. The Brotherhood views Drullkus as their primary enemy, mostly because they have failed to kill him many times, but also because they have deemed him 'morally wrong and emotionally unstable'.

The Chat Government views the Brotherhood as a threat to their Empire, as they have killed thousands of soldiers. Many Chat citizens view the Brotherhood as evil and hypocritical. There are some however that sympathize with the Brotherhood, and aid them in multiple ways. The Chat managed to capture one member, but he escaped before he could be interrogated or executed.

Beliefs Edit

The Brotherhood believes that the universe has been devastated by the "Disease of War", and strives to destroy all those who cause violence. The members all devote themselves to kill those who are diseased, knowing that by killing others they are diseasing themselves and that in the end they must die too. The Brotherhood claims it will not stop until every single diseased man, woman, and child is dead.

However, although their primary goal is to kill everyone who contributes to wars and violence, they will help poor settlements where sentients are in famine or ravaged by disease. These settlements often end up supporting the Brotherhood.

Also, despite being against groups who cause violence, the Brotherhood will often get other groups to do its dirty work without revealing itself, which can lead to lots of pluses for their grand scheme.

The Brotherhood of Lenimentum billions of pacifist followers who believe that they are doing the right thing for inter-galactic peace, and await the day when only they will remain and all war will end.

Ranking Structure Edit

There is no true chain of command in the Brotherhood of Lenimentum, and everyone shares equal power, although some are respected more than others. The most respected usually have the biggest say in large decisions.

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