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The Bureaucrat is the supreme god of the entire universe .

History Edit

The Bureaucrat is older than time immemorial, hailing from a primordial period. It is rumored that the Bureaucrat is a collective intelligence of every single living thing from the first galactic cycle, before the reset schedule was set in place. The Bureaucrat awakens at the end of each of his dormancy cycles and activates the universal reset to retcon absolutely everything.

Common theory suggest that the Bureaucrat is actually an astronomical phenomenon and not a sentient being. Thus, the Bureaucrat has smited the bitch that came up with that theory.

Abilities Edit

Creation Edit

The Bureaucrat has the ability to create anything he desires, whether it be canon or non-canon.

Destruction Edit

The Bureaucrat has the ability to destroy anyone/anything he desires, and the death/destruction will be canon.

End the Universe Special Attack Edit

This attack completely destroys the universe and everything in it except, of course, the Bureaucrat.

Out of Body Experience Edit

The Bureaucrat can say what he damn well pleases, and he doesn't need to use parenthesis. He can also control any character at any time and cuts through plot armor like butter.

Retcon Beam Edit

The Bureaucrat can change history. He can change how people remember history. Read the first sentence again. Now you will instinctively come back to this sentence. He has retconed your reading of the second sentence.

Wall-breaker Edit

The Bureaucrat is unaffected by the fourth wall. He knows a member of the wiki wrote this page on him; that wiki member is already under his control. You do not know about the Bureaucrat... but he knows about you.

Ban Edit

The Bureaucrat has the ability to permanently incapacitate any living thing in existence. The first being he banned in several billion years is General B.H.

Trivia Edit

  • The Bureaucrat cannot be killed. He pities the fool who tries.
  • The Bureaucrat loves entertainment; wars, politics, etc. completely grasp his attention.

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