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Fear on the Imminent Victory.

Captain Fear was a naval war veteran of the Chat Civil War, who assumed command of the Stealth Frigate Imminent Victory sometime later in life.


As a child, Fear was strict to the rules, and had a military complex before he joined the Chat Armed Forces. Captain Fear joined the Chat Navy at a young age, before the Chat Civil War. 

Three years after the start of the Chat Civil War, Fear enlisted and immediately was almost killed when the cruiser he was stationed on took a direct hit from an Orbital Defense Platform. He and only a handful of others managed to survive. He was given command of a carrier of his own after seven years of service, and held the position during the bombing of Yavin V. He was a war hero by this point, and was given the command of the Fourth Fleet of Trolling.

Some time later, Fear was given command of one of the Chats most sophisticated vessels, the Imminent Victory. He commanded it alone until the Battle of Eafth, when Grand Troll Yarkin temporarily overruled his command of the ship. He helped send security personal to find the escapee Fox McCloud during the Battle of Eafth as well.

After the ship sustained extreme damage, Fear abandoned it as it fell out of orbit and crashlanded on Eafth with Xytan 'Montrumai and Fox onboard.

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