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Kesk in an unusual appearance where he is holding a carban instead of his beam rifle

Captain Kesk is a highly trained Royal Commando who specializes in protecting Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber in high risk situations. He was sent by Saber to investigate the disappearance of three sirens during their time on an aquatic planet.

History Edit

Kesk, born on New Eden, was relatively young for his position but he was quickly promoted though the ranks. He became a Royal Commando and served under Commodore Crystal.

During the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, he protected Madam Celestial Saber from Mandalorian assassins. The captain also lead a strike team of Royal Commandos during the New Eden Crisis.

Later, he defended Fort Yoth-Alpha during the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha. He attempted to hold the West Wall along with Yozoz, but hostile Raptor Pirates destroyed the wall with mortars. Kesk, Sut 'Ra, and Yozoz were the only one to make it out of the hollow wall before it collapsed. Kesk was one of 14 Kig-Yar to survive the siege.

Personality Edit

Kesk generally is a very cautious leader and makes sure that every last man and women makes it out alive. He has never forgotten a soldier he has lost under his command. But even he realizes that sometimes a sacrifice must be made and he expects every one of his men to be ready at all times to lay down on the wire so that another soldier can crawl over.

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