Captain Waits
Waits Portrait
Waits, as a Marshal
Vital statistics
Position Marshal (Formally), Captain
Age 55
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 6' 0"
Weight 80 Kg (approx)
Waits is a character in the Team Heretic Dinofox universe. He captains the stealth prowler "Goldeneye", and is a former Colonial Marshal for the Chat, some time before the Chat Schism.

He was a protagonist in the Heist of Unicorn Hydra VII series.


Life as a MarshalEdit

Prior to becoming the Captain of the NR Goldeneye, Waits was the chief colonial marshal on the Chat Vessel Anesidora, a large commercial liner operating in deep space, ordered by the Chat to briefly investigate rebel activity in the outer rim.

Immediately upon exiting slipspace, the Anesidora accidentally stumbled upon a Resistance battlegroup, and the ship was directly hit with an EMP weapon before being able to escape.  Her DIE Fighter escort was immediately shot down, and the Resistance rushed to prepare boarders. Waits, thinking fast, called for emergency assistance, and activated the ships lone Onager mini-mac, and was able to successfully repel a handful of boarding dropships, and was able to damage the relatively weak Resistance vessels before the onager succumbed to heavy fire.

Once a handful of boarders successfully got onto the station, Waits and his men began hunting them down as they took hostages.  Finally, after a several hour long standoff, a Chat Ban-Hammer class Star Destroyer arrived on scene, destroyed the weakened smaller Resistance vessels, and Chat Marines successfully secured the Anesidora.  

First officer, and Captain of the GoldeneyeEdit

Hailed as the hero of the Anesidora crisis, Waits was immediately given a higher rank as a first officer of the Chat Prowler Goldeneye. Seen as an outcast from the rest of the crew, Waits was given the duty to represent the Chat Admin Karl rather than Captain Dallas' supporting of T3CHNOCIDE.

As the Chat Schism began, Dallas secretly ordered for Waits arrest, as he was seen as a potential danger as a possible enemy from the Chat.  The crew despised Dallas's order, but before it could be carried out, Dallas was killed during the space Battle of Eafth.  Waits assumed the command of the Goldeneye ever since, with no objection from the crew.

Heist of Unicorn Hydra VIIEdit

After numerous close calls during the beginning stages of the Chat Schism, Waits eventually found an excuse to escape the carnage of Eafth's skies. After direct order by Karl, Waits was sent to rendezvous with Fox at the Resistance Space Base #0014. Initially, he and Commander Verlaine had numerous conflicts during briefing for the mission. Finally, he and the operation unit departed from the Station to begin their mission.

Following the event, Waits rendezvoused with the operation unit, and returned to Space Base 0014. He left Verlaine a letter concerning relations between the two factions, and how they could be healed in the future.

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