The Careless submachine gun focuses on close to mid-range combat and are most often used by Resistance forces.

Careless Sub-Machine Gun
Production information


Honnde Tech


1,750 credits

Technical specifications

Ammunition Type


Rate of Fire

300 rounds per minute


30 percent


200 meters



Resistance, mercenary groups

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These submachine guns aka CSMGs get their name because of how inaccurate they are. Regardless, they still dominate in close range due to their incredible rapid fire and the unpredictable shots. These weapons also excel in when shooting at multiple enemies at once, but they are terrible for ranged combat. Due to their inaccuracy firing them from 150-200 meters away, it would take a long time to actually hit someone and these guns are useless if the foes are any farther then that.

These guns are typically used by mercenaries or resistance forces when inside of a ship or a base. Where these weapons are highly dangerous and can devastate any opponent.

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