Drullkus Industries Interuniversal is both a private company and a military army. It is owned and managed by Drullkus.


A small percentage of the workforce consist of organisms. The majority of the workforce consists of droids who are loyal to Drullkus.


A small company beginning from the end of the Minecraftian Universe, it simply refused to admit that its time was up. It soon made a breakthrough on the discovery of the Fourth-Dimensional Theory.

And then it all leads up to this story.

Army StructureEdit

Every army needs a structure!

The starship armies are similar to foot armies. They are commanded by Tactical AIs under the leadership of Planners. The Planners are under a single and dominant Strategical AI. If desperate measures call, multiple Strategical AIs may be brought into play, although they tend to think they are more superior than one another and is not recommended to be banded together. However, in the event of facing multiple Strategical AIs, the other side is bound to be in deep trouble.

Noticeable MembersEdit

Noticeable AIsEdit

  • Tactical AIs
    • Tactical-DKAI 5C1-1R0D1NG3R "Schrodinger"
    • Tactical-DKAI R0-8OT "Botkus"
  • Planners
    • 91ANN3R-DKAI CYB3R-M4N "Cybermann"
  • Strategical AIs
    • Strategical-DKAI 01AD05 "GLaDOS"


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