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Charmer is the name of a Kig-Yar pirate Commodore in Lord of the STARS' Guardians of Eden. He is one of the few survivors from Lord of the Stars' original group that entered the galaxy. During the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b he took charge of a detachment of soldiers from outside of his pirate clan. He met a female Kig-Yar named Flower, whom he became infatuated with.

Hansom and cunning

History Edit

Charmer was born and raised on Eayn, in a wealthy family with political influence. He was with Lord of the Stars when he was transported to the THDF Galaxy. Charmer befriended Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber. Charmer at some point became a Commodore in his clan, able to lead large battlegroups into battle. He partcipated in the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, during which he met a female named Flower, whom he became involved with. He was also present during the SUMMER CONTINGENCY.

Service Record Edit

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

During the infamous and brutal Invasion of Maximus 35b , in an effort to free high ranking members of the Resistance including TWIO of the Tacit Ronin from the Mandalorian Empire, Charmer was sent to lead the Kig-Yar Pirate forces into battle. Charmer and his pirates' dropships were almost all shot down. One pelican and two phantoms survived.

After a long and bloody firefight, the Mandalorian Warriors in the area around the downed phantoms were dead or retreating into a nearby city. While most of the coalition forces infiltrated the city, Charmer, his pirates, and the Covenant forces that had also been shot down killed stragglers in the fields around the city and set up camp. The highest ranking soldier in the Covenant part of the camp was Unggoy, Yozoz, because the Sangheili had either been killed or evacuated. It was decided that the two armies would be combined, with Charmer in command.

After the camp was set up, Charmer got a headcount. He found out that 222 Covenant and Pirate soldiers were left, and they were all low on supplies, including food and ammo, as most of it had been destroyed in the downed ships. Charmer killed a bird and gave it to Yozoz, begining a friendship between the two. Eventually, Charmer and the force took over an ancient hidden city, then raided the prison which turned out to be in space, with the help of UNSC Marines led by Sgt Stacker and the Spartans of Savior Team.

Crises on New Eden Edit

After the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, all the members of the united fleet was ready for a vacation. Charmer needed it even more because his battlegroup had the worst of the battle. He invited Yozoz and his Spec-Ops file to his house, but a bomb was snuck in. Yozoz, Charmer and Flower fled to the skies to avoid the bomb, as terrorists began attacks across New Eden. Yozoz sent Yabab and Glofnog to warn the Tacit Ronin. Charmer, Flower, and Yozoz later entered Stars' palace.

Later, he was with Nikolai Pereshenko when Spartan Blake was put in custody.

For a long time, he remained on New Eden to help his species rebuild their home.

Reunification SiegesEdit

Almost two years later, Charmer had once again been given control of a joint Covenant-Eden Battalion. He played a small role in a battle on an unknown planet, providing THDF with fire support from a Phantom.

Personality Edit

Charmer was outgoing and helpful to his friends. He cared about the lives of his men, even to the last random Unggoy that were added to his battlegroup on Beta Maximus 35b, but he was ruthless toward his enemies. He is very handsome and female Kig-Yar are often attracted to him. He had a positive relationship with his mate, Flower, and knew Lord of the Stars and Madam Celestial Saber personally. He was good friends with Yozoz, despite the usual friction between the two species, showing that he is above judging others by their looks.

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