Chat atav

A Chat ATAV.

The Chat Empire's All Terrain Attack Vehicle, also known as the ATAV, is an armored recon vehicle that allows for the quick insertion of small strike teams.


The vehicle is covered in 3/4in tungstinum armor and has a top speed of 110 mph. It has off road capabilities, as the each axle operates independently, allowing for better handling on uneven surfaces. The ATAV also has bullet proof glass, re-inflating tires, and can carry up to five people. It is armed with a heavy plasma turret that fires 900 rounds a minute. The vehicle does have a slow acceleration and cannot take tight corners at high speed, or it will role over. However, it offers more protection then the M12 FAV, though at the cost of speed and maneuverability. These can be seen all over Chat controlled worlds, being located on bases and patrolling cities.

As with more Chat vehicles, due to the outbreak of the Chat Schism, the New Galactic Republic has also gotten their hands on the jeep. 

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