Chat heavy troopers are the primary heavy troopers of the Chat Empire when their normal troopers are in need of back up.


Standard heavy troopers on desert patrol.


Chat heavy troopers will use rocket launchers , heavy blaster rifles, Portable Heavy Machine Guns  or T-21 repeating blasters. These chat heavy troopers also use thermal detinators and are trained how to disarm mines. When it comes to dirty jobs or fighting in heavy battles the chat heavy troopers are always around.


A chat heavy trooper captain with a rocket launcher.


The standard chat heavy trooper private has a black pauldron which simply represents what class he is and that hes a private. A chat heavy trooper sergeant would have a white pauldron and a chat heavy trooper captain would have a orange pauldron. All chat heavy troopers must start off as privates. These heavy troopers are also given training how to survive in extremely hot enviornments and are the primary troopers in such enviorments. Where most of them just use blaster rifles.

When fighting with standard chat troopers these heavy troopers mainly use T-21 repeating blasters, rocket launchers, or heavy blaster rifles for fire support.

Notable BattlesEdit

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