Chat riot police

Chat riot police fire back as the protests got more violent.

An ongoing conflict between those who are still loyal to the Chat Empire and the New Galactic Republic, lead by ex-Admin Karl.


After the failed hunt for Commander Heathcliff, Karl was put on trail with two other AdminsVidmas7er and Forerunner. In front of the entire admin council, Forerunner told everyone that Vid had betrayed them. Though Vid told them it was for their survival, Forerunner told them he was lying, that Vid only cared about himself. Karl, for his part, had been accused of Treason and High Conspiracy, which he did not deny. However, he claimed he was trying to save more lives and that the Chat would have just killed the other two Admins instead of trying to save them. Fed up with Karl, the council sent him, along with Vid to prison to be executed. Before, that could happen though, Karl pulled out his last card.

S3kshun8, a hacker who Karl had contacted and hired, released all the information Karl had his AI, Blue send to S3kshun8. The classified material included all the war crimes and atrocities committed by the Chat over the course of the Galactic Chat War. However, the Chat responded by informing Karl that Blue was going to be deactivated since Karl had betrayed the Chat Empire. Little did they know what would soon follow.


Furious with their government, people took to the streets, to which the Chat responded by sending out riot
Chat vs civis

Eafth citizens clashing with Chat Riot Police.

police to remove the crowds. When the crowds and policed clashed, tensions started to flare up until things got out of hand. At first, police tried to use less-then lethal measures to get rid of the protestors but once things started escalating, they turned to deadly force. Before most people knew what was going on, Chat forces began firing at the crowds with live rounds, killing people who were unaware of what was really going on. In defense, civilians took the fight to the Chat and started firing back. Soon, the streets where being filled with dead bodies and shell casings. By mid day, the entire planet, and many others were facing 
Chat armed civis hurt

Civil Militia during the fighting.

either killing their own people or let them possibly over throw the government.

Up in Space, fleet commanders were unsure of what to do. Most were still loyal to the Chat but were angry with their treatment of the population, they where stuck between a rock and a hard place. Some ships wanted to go and help the civilians, as they saw this as an abuse of power. However, fleet admirals ordered them to not leave the fleets or they would be killed for treason. Disobeying orders, the ships started to head towards the planets, and the admirals were forced to fire upon their own ships. When other ships saw what was happening the their brethren, their guns turned and fired at their admirals ships. These eye for an eye events soon lead to entire fleets turning on eachother, causing a battle to rage on the ground and in space.

Battle of EafthEdit

Eafth fleet fights itself

The fighting above Earth was a slaughter, since the starships were so close to eachother.

A heavy fight between The Chat Empire and Team Heretic Dinofox, New Galactic Republic, and the civilian militia; with Commander Heathcliff and his forced getting involved. Dinofox's goal was to free Karl before he was killed by the Chat, likewise Heathcliff was trying to prevent Vid from suffering the same fate. The entire city was engulfed in a vicious battle, and Dinofox and Heathcliff were going to be stuck in the middle of it. Inserting their strike teams, they made there way around Omega, looking for their objectives. This lead Dinofox to the high security prison and Heathcliff to the capital building. Finding Karl, Dinofox was then forced to also move to the capital building, in a race to save Blue from Knightmare. Heathcliff was also trying to do the same.

Fighting through heavy Chat forces, both teams were able to make it to the building but ran into multiple Admins who were ordered to halt them. After an intense fight between both parties, Karl was able to get to Blue before Heathcliff, though Dinofox suffered heavy losses. Regrouping in an underground hospital, Wilc0 gave Karl's remaining forces a Shadow-class Banshee to use as his Flag ship. He also gave Karl the location of a top secret Chat communications base, which also happened to be holding Vid. Codenamed Operation Black Eagle by Karl, this was the next major battle to talk place in the Chat Schism.

Operation Black EagleEdit

Two separate teams, with one led by Karl and the other lead by Commander Heathcliff, launched a raid on a Chat intelligence base. Heathcliff was hoping to free Vidmas7er from the Chat, while Karl wanted to steal critical information from the Chat. Jess McKathy lead a small group of Delta SEALS into the base under Karl's supervision. While they were able to get everything he needed, Jess was distraught that all of her SEALs died on the mission. For Heathcliff, he was able to escape with not only Vid, but with some elite Chat soldiers who had defected from the Empire. 

Delegation on GaetoEdit


The dust cloud from the second bomb's explosion. It turned day into night in an instant.

Hoping to gather support for his case, Karl made the choice to hold a meeting on the world of Gaeto. Knowing the risk posed by gathering all the Chat's enemies in one place, Karl stepped up security on the planet. Over half of his enter fleet was moved to protect the planet and members of the Delta SEALS and Republic Sentinel were put in charge of protecting the delegates. On the night before the delegation, DMR, Jess, Megan, and Edward where in charge of escorting Commander Heathcliff. After meeting with some of his old friends, the group learned of a bomb plot. While Karl was already secretly behind the investigation into the bomb threat, the rest of the group was not confident they could stop it in time. The delegation came and after the group stopped the first bomb, they were caught off guard by the second one. Jess, alone and injured, was forced into a firefight with members of the Black Fang before a mysterious figure appeared and abducted her. With the delegation suspended, DMR was ready to go on a hunt to find Jess. 

Assault on Mu GastoEdit


New Galactic Republic soldiers on Mu Gasto.

A combined force of Team Heretic Dinofox, the New Galactic Republic, and Commander Heathcliff's forces teamed up and launched an assault on the planet of Mu Gasto. When it was discovered that Zeta was behind the bombing on Gaeto, it was decided to attack the planet he was currently on, with the intel of gaining all vital information from him. Once the team of Megan, Sinon, and Andare used an EMP to disable to planet's communication relay, Karl launched an attack on the planet's defense fleet, with the hope of capturing some of the Chat's ships. While this was going on, DMR, Fox, Edward, and Avery Johnson, were dispatched to capture Zeta before he could make a move. 

The plan was a complete success, as the girls were able to disable the communications tower and escape, though Megan would need to recieve medical attetnion. Zeta was also captured, but they soon realized that he was not the true one behind the disappearance of Jess, for Jango Al Ghul was taken into custody by DMR and Heathcliff. With the planet effectivly under Republic control, DMR could do little but try to get any imformation of out Ghul. Once he did however, he left Mu Gasto, launching a one man raid on the planet of Gars III to save her. Jess would be rescued but it would take her time to fully heal, meaning they would be out of the fight for sometime. 

Attack on Dark OculusEdit

Heavy chat

Heavy Chat soldiers during the battle.

After the team had completed a simple intel grab, Karl was able to pull together information to prepare the teams for another major attack, this time taking the fight to Dark Oculus, with the plan being to kill or capture the Admin Bravadostock. The battle would involve many soldiers, and even newcomers like Talot, as Karl knew the chances of taking out a Chat Admin were slim. The situation only became more complicated with it was reported that the Moderator Spartan A-118 was also on the planet. Two teams were created to fight each the Admin and Moderator.

The attack itself went off with out a hitch, with the Republic creating a landing zone to deploy more soldiers as the elite commandos cut their way through Chat defenses in their pursuit of their targets. The battle was brutal, with many soldiers on both side dying as the Chat would even deploy their newest soldiers, called The 5th Legion, soldiers who knew how to use the force. However, all of this would be unable to protect their Chat leaders, as both Spartan and Bravado would be killed during the resulting battle. The battle would not be without losses on the Republic side too, as Edward would be killed by Spartan, and his death sent shockwaves through out the entire team.

Counter Attack on Beta Maximus 35bEdit

While the battle on Dark Oculus was still going on, the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution received a distress call from the planet of Beta Maximus 35b. Most of the team elected to assist Unnamed Field Marshall, and they left with his fleet to help drive back the Chat offensive. However, it became clear that this attack was being lead by someone very high up in the Chat ranks, and it was discovered the operation was being directed by Haloprov. Knowing that by taking him down, it would severely hurt the Chat war effort and would deprive Knightmare of his right hand man, a team was created to deal with Haloprov.

Krogan v. chat

Talot in combat against the Chat.

They had to draw him out first, and they required sending most of the team to help local forces drive the Chat out of the planet's capital, which they succeed in doing after a lengthy fight. The plan worked however, and Haloprov soon showed himself as forces were redirected to either capture or kill Halo. With most of the commandos dealing with bodyguards and 5th Legion soldiers, it came down to Talot, Visius, and Uvok to combat Halo in the forest filled with fire and smoke. It was a brutal fight but they were able to knock out Halo and extract him back to the fleet. However, Halo would not turn on the Chat, refusing to give up any information after he was brutally tortured by Talot and Jess tried to appeal to his desire to bring the fighting to an end. Haloprov would be relocated to a prison on Gaeto but not before Trol' Lolam sent off a toxic gas meant to send Halo into his darkest knightmare. The gas would also affect Jess, who had stepped in when Trol's had threatened to carpet bomb Chat cities in a black flag operation, straining relations between Trol's forces and the New Galactic Republic. 

Battle of TurestaEdit

Knightmare was hungry to get back at the Republic after thier recent attacks on the Empire and the losses they had suffered. Gaeto would witness one of the many attacks launched by Knightmare, though this one would also be to rescue Haloprov. The fight was brutal, as the Chat Empire bypassed the Republic's planetary defenses, sacrificing protection for speed; shelling the city hard. The elite soldiers of the Republic made the call to split up to cover more ground and prevent the Chat from completely destroying the city and killing their Karl.
Turesta after fight

Rain helped put out the fires after the battle.

Haloprov would end up escaping after Tyler was unable to prevent his escape, as the arrival of 5th Legion troops ensured Halo could escape. The team would also meet a new person by the name of Rick, and while he came dressed in Chat armor, his allegiance to them as been called into question. Sensing that he could be useful, Trol' took him aboard his ship. Megan's mission evolved helping Karl fend off would be assassins as she arrived to watch him kill soldier after soldier. Once he was safe, they decided to help Jess, who was in a due or die battle to ensure the Chat would not active the planet's missile defense network and kill possibly over three hundred million people. Though Jess would be critically injured, the arrival of Megan and Karl ensured she and millions others did not die. Though the Republic beat the Chat back, they succeed in retrieving Haloprov and striking fear into the hearts of Republic civilians. 

Operation RetributionEdit

Space refueling station

The Refueling station was Karl's target.

Karl looking for revenge, pulled together his forces and decided to launch an attack on a Chat refueling station to steal intelligence from them. Using a large fleet, Karl, with assistance from Stars and Madam Celestial Saber, was able to set up an effective defensive ring as boarding parties made of Jess, Tyler, Megan, Uvok and Talot were inserted into the station. Facing guards who were caught off guard, they were able to make their way to the central hub where Blue was uploaded as she downloaded files. At first, it was easy, until more Chat forces, including more and more warships, began decending on to the group. Talot was serverly injuired covering the group as Knightmare appeared, taughting the commandos as they grabbed the data and ran. Making it back to Karl's ship, they were able to escape but knew that with Knightmare now back in the picture, this war was going to be even longer, as he would do whatever it took to keep the Chat in power and the galaxy safe.

Battle of New HavenEdit

New haven space

The battle above New Haven.

Using the intelligence gathered from the refueling station, Karl's next target was the Chat controlled planet of New Haven. Using three seperate teams, Visuis and Tyler would be dispatched to kill a Chat admiral, Jess, Uvok, and Talot were to take over the capital, and Megan, Saber, and Stars were deployed to take the planet's defensive cannons offline. Meeting firece resistance over the planet, the three teams were able to deploy on the surface and made their way towards their targets.

The capital team, though they had the upper hand to start off, were forced underground as the Chat defenders launched a sucessful counter attack. Elsewhere on the planet, Tyler and Visius were moving through the Chat port as they closed in on the Chat admiral. Using their marskmen skills, the were able to kill soldier after soldier as they moved towards the panic room at the base. Breaching, Visius injuired her as they mopped up her bodyguards. However, since Visius could just hack into her computer, Tyler exacuted her with his pistol as they left the base. At the defensive cannon base, the three were making great time until Megan was cut off when she was ambushed by an elite Chat soldier. Though he knew the force, Megan was able to kill him though she was heavily injuried. Megan regrouped with her team once the base was taken over as a shuttle was sent to pick them up.

Back underneath the capital, the team was mulling their options when they meet militia soldiers, though tensions rose between Jess and Talot when Talot had shot at them, thinking they were Chat civilian soldiers. Getting soldiers and supplies together, they launched another attack on the capital, successfully taking it but losing Uvok in the process, who was captured. However, before the team could make any serious moves to look for him, Karl cold them back, citing he had received a transmission from an outside force that was threatening to crush both them and the Chat Empire unless they submitted to their rule. 

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