Chat dropship

A chat shuttle departing from a fleet.

The main heavy dropship used by the Chat Empire, this shuttle can move personal and materials to where ever they need to be. Militia and New Galactic Republic soldiers also have a few, though parts are spare.


The shuttle is 60 meters long with a 45 meter wingspan. It can carry 40 troops, 2 tanks, and 4 tons supplies in just one trip, making it ideal for moving large amounts of war materials in a short amount of time. Normally, it can only go mach 1.6 with full shielding but it has a boost function that allows it to go up to mach 2.7 for a short amount of time, but with no shielding. For protection, it has two heavy laser turrets at its nose, a 30 mm auto cannon on each of its sides, and one duel crystal turret to protect the rear of the shuttle. It also has flares and missile jammers in addition to its shields. However, these shuttles still have escorts when they go into combat zones, as they are a big target to shoot at.

Chat dropship prepares troops

A shuttle in a hanger loading up troops for combat.

Avenger escort

DIE Interceptors escorting a shuttle.

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