The Chat Trooper Light Protection Shield is a armor piece for light chat infantry when in heavy fights. It is made of a mix of durosteel, colton y-9, tumgsten T-2, titanium A-4, and its main ingediant is crotisorus. The frontal plate is made of WT-90 ceramic and between the 2 halves is a liquid gel layer that is designed to retain a temperature while uninterrupted of only -5* and cushen large ammounts of shock equivalent to 5 sludge hammer blows. The shield also has its own overshield that is almost twice as powerful as the Majornear shield. It also has a viewing window made from a mix of terrestrial giant diamond, depleted blamite, and Xuari glow crystal, reinforced by clear ceramic. The crotisorus enables it to have a very strong resistance againced energy weapons including laser cutlasses and overcharged plasma pistols. The colton Y-9 and gel layer together gives it a temperature resistance that can even withstand the extream temperature of a Ptranosaurian's sword, although not forever, its effective enough to out last a 1 on 1 combat. Its overshield recharges after 12 seconds when depleted. All together this shield waights only 3 and 8/10th pounds. Its only real weakness is that whoever desighed it made it bearly big enough to be considered anything more then a buckler. Due to its small size the enemies of the wielder prefer to simply shoot around it rather then pumping magazines into it until it is finally penetrated. Veriants of the shield are planned on future production that are actually large enough to cover at least 1/3rd the user's mass when in battle. NIMSST Will soon have loadouts including a large 45 pound version of these when in land combat or on deck combat.


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