Savior Team

The smugglers teaching Savior Team how to use the Mandalorian Mark lll Combat Armor

The Cheytac Smugglers are a group of smugglers that transport vital military equipment stolen from the Chat Empire, Mandalorian Empire, and Raptor Pirates and manufactured at Cheytac to the Back with a Vengeance and other resistance ships.

Uprising at Cheytac Edit

Sometime after the Battle of Eafth the civilians where inspired by a leader to rise up against the Chat. The uprising initially failed and the rebels were close to annihilation but the Resistance stepped in to help. The Resistance invaded the planet and ousted the Chat presence. They held free elections and revamped the manufacturing base to support the war. Technically the planet is its own independent country but the resistance oversees much of the manufacturing and defense of the planet.

Cargo Smuggled Edit

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