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Chieftain Conite is a Brute Chieftain and Sith Lord. He calls himself the Lord of the Brutes.


He has made the Jaralhanse Empire join the Chat Empire which has much more resources and weapons. He has also changed the brute military. Under the chat Conite has won multiple victories for the Chat Empire and conquered many worlds.

Republic Senator Hostage CrisisEdit

There was once a moment that Conite captured a number of republic senators at the political world Noval. During this situation the hostages were freed by Johnny Redd and Delta SEALS. Resistance forces managed to destroy Conite's carrier that help the five senators he had taken from Noval ,but one of them was killed by Conite. The other four were saved and Johnny was knocked unconscious after a fight with Conite ,but Conite left him for dead in the ship that was about to blow (because it was bombed by Delta Seals).

Johnny was recused taken unconscious by delta seals and the ship was destroyed. Conite escaped with some of his brutes.

Battle of TariEdit

Conites forces struggled during this battle to defeat republic forces where the tide seemed to constant turn in favor of both fractions until Conite boarded Karl's ship and best Karl in a fight almost killing Karl. Fortunately, Karl got off lucky healing in around a month. Conite scored a major victory for the chat empire during this battle increasing the hype over him even more. Soon after this Conite was going to be put to the test. To see if he can best Mandalore.


Unlike Tatarus's shields (whose shields could take about 50 shots) Conite's shields are only a bit stronger then the average halo 3 brute chieftan's (30 shots rather then 25) however he has many more abilities. Conite can electrify his gravity hammer and can shoot a lighting rod out of it that stretches 15 feet long. Not to mention Conite has the ability to throw electrified objects at his targets. Conite also has force slam (if he jumps and slams the ground then anything in a 20 feet radius that is on the ground will be pushed out of the way) and force repulse (a force explosion effecting anything in a 10 feet radius) ability. Conite also has the force push ability. Conite wields a gravity hammer though and he can suck his enemies towards him using force pull.


Conite has a great disdain for Sangheili. He takes pleasure in killing them and has stated "I will rip UFM's head from his body and feed it to my pets." Likewise Conite holds great disdain to the Elite Remnant Legion, This War is Ours, Troll, and as stated above Unnamed Field Marshal; but out of all of them he hates UFM the most. Mainly because he admires UFM's status ,but thinks that a sangheili is less worthy of such a title then a brute and sees him as a "heretic". Conite also believes that most races such as humans, ugnnoy, and kig-yar are far inferior to jaralhanse. Even though he does believe sangheili are "foul dogs that deserve nothing ,but suffering.." he does have more respect for them than most of the other species even though he believes he wants them to be wiped out.

Conite grew up hearing about Sangheili as a young brute (age equivalent to a human in his 20s) learning to hate them seeing them as "treacherous vermon" and around the timeline of halo 3 he and his fleet along with many other male and female jaralhanse were transported by a portal to THDF Universe where they settled on the planet Moris. Conite traveled to a world that today is still unknown to Galactic Republic and Resistance Forces where he was taught in the ways of the Sith. Then he realized he was gifted with the force. Then he founded a small city training camp on Moris that still exists. No one knew who taught Conite how to master his abilities or who gave him the title of a Sith lord. During those first months he came its a mystery what he did.

When Contine first heard of Uvok he ended up hating him even more then the sangheili because he is a traitor to his own kind according to Conite. Conite stated "Uvok is abomination that must be destroyed." Out of all of the admins Conite admires Forerunner the most and considers the Forerunners to be "a worthy species." He also claims that the only humans that are worthy are human Sith. Conite believes all of the "unworthy species" deserve to serve the "worthy species". Conite believes that sangheili are a "worthy species" ,but also believes that they are "a wicked species" that is evil and must be exterminated.

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