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Slipspace Rift Incident (June, 2557) Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b
The Choldova Incident was an event in Sector W that allowed the Mandalorians to cross into the Team Heretic Dinofox galaxy.
Ravager Fleet

Part of the Mandalorian fleet.

The Orders Edit

After the Na Zego Incident the Back with a Vengeance met up with the Resistance. After Richard Lee acquainted himself with General SheerAvenger777 the Captain was given his first mission. The mission to prove to General SheerAvenger777 that the Back with a Vengeance could hold its own without the ship being upgraded.

Richard Lee was ordered to attack a chat science project on the Moon of Choldova. The resistance knew that the Chat were experimenting with teleportation and that any more progress in this field of study would allow the Chat to teleport their fleets to any part of the galaxy. This would give the Chat the element of suprise on any resistance asset in the galaxy. This science project had to be terminated.

The Mission Edit

Richard Lee set course for Choldova and arrived a little late due to the tier 3 tech of the ship. The Back with a Vengeance arrived and immediately began sending in ground teams to secure the science project, the chat official in charge, and the science reports. All objectives were completed by Savior Team and ODST's within the day.

The Station Edit

Savior team immediately had begun interrogating the Chat official. The Chat official had realized pretty quick that the Back with a Vengeance was not from this galaxy. He then offered to tell the Spartans what the station was and give them a way home in exchange for her life. Savior Team listened closely as the Chat official explained the Station.

It was designated Choldova 5a. It was created to research teleportation methods both into and outside of this dimension. The Station had the power to take the sailors home. Then the Spartans contacted their captain of the developments and a decision was made to take the offer. The Sailors thought about how much the UNSC needed them back home and of the little allegiance they had to the resistance.

The Chat official had a portal prepped and the Back with a Vengeance was prepped for slipspace travel. Only Savior was left behind to make sure the Chat didn't try anything.

The Battle for Choldova Edit

A portal opened and the Back with a Vengeance put a space prob through to make sure that it was the right place. By the time the space prob got back and was analyzed Mandalorian Cruisers and Hammerheads were coming through the portal directly in front of the Back with a Vengeance. The Mandalorians didn't hesitate. The Mandalorians had started to fire their guns at the Back with a Vengeance so the Back with a Vengeance fired back. Because of the Cruiser's close proximity, Richard Lee ordered the two fusion rockets to be fired at two mandalorain Hammerheads. The hammerheads exploded.

Savior team tried to get the scientist to shut it down but they said that the portal was self-sustaining now. The chat scientists were ecstatic that they got it to work but Savior Team was more interested in blowing up the project. Alysha Morris planted the charges and Nikolai grabbed the Chat official. Alysha detonated the charges but as the scientists predicted nothing happened and more Mandalorian Cruisers were coming out. They made a break for the Pelican.

The Spartans and the chat official had boarded their pelican and were flying as fast as possible towards the Back with a Vengeance. The Back with a Vengeance took evasive action and Savior team soon boarded said ship. As the resistance ship made a break for it, thousands of Mandalorian ships could be seen exiting the the portal. In a matter of weeks they would have colonized the space around them including Beta Maximus 35b.

The Cover-up Edit

The Resistance were not keen to believe Captain Lee's story. The idea of the chat being able to control teleportation coming from a rookie, who shouldn't be trusted, was just too far fetched. The Chat official was given to the resistance for a more in depth interrogation as soon as the ship arrived at a resistance hideout. However, she wouldn't talk at all even under torture.

Richard Lee then realized that cold, hard truth that his dreams of coming home soon were shattered. The crew was here to stay and they just would just have to make the best of it.

The Back with a Vengeance immediately set out to find team heretic dinofox and soon came across the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution at Beta Maximus 35b.

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