Milita under attack

The militia fighting the chat on the outskirts of a city.

A civilian militia is a group of people who have now taken up the fight against the Chat Empire.


While not as well trained as the Republic Guard or Delta SEALS, they form the main body of troops for the New Galactic Republic. They use their numbers to get most of the missions done, though this results in high casualties. The militia use last gen weapons for the most part and do not have energy sheilds on their body armor. Though their armor can stop a few rounds, it does not last long against Plasma based weapons. However, this does not deter them from fighting against the Chat, though this means they do not get into direct firefights with the Chat for the most part. Instead, they use hit and run tactics and indirect means of fighting the Chat. This means they walk the fine line between being a terrorist and a freedom fighter.

They have seen heavy fighting during The Chat Schism, notably during the Battle of Eafth. They also became associated with the Resistance for using unconventional tactics and fighting as an irregular force. The only true difference is the Resistance as ties with the United Opedia, while the Militia exisited only after the Chat Schism.

Cheytac Rebellion Edit

Cheytac had around 2 billion civilians but only one Chat base. In 2557, the citizens of Cheytac started a rebellion, storming the Chat base and several factories. Afterwards, they modified these factories to make low cost, simple ballistic-based weapons and smuggled these weapons to other groups fighting the Chat.

Weapons used Edit


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