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Clash at Karries was a battle at Karries where Resistance forces fought to stop the Mandalorians from conquering the world. This battle lasted three days.

Atila's missionEdit

Atila was sent as a undercover spy where he climded his way from a mandalorian warrior to a mandalorian commander in a short ammount of time. Atila took advantage of his rank to aid the resistance in the battle at Karries.

Rough startEdit

The mandalorians were winning at the begining of the fight and resistance forces were taking heavy casulaties on both land and in space. It was not until Atila hyperspaced a mandalorian crusier into a mandalorian captial ship, (during his covert mission) that the tide of the battle started to turn.

Finishing the fightEdit

Then Atila called in for Golden Sun ships to join the fight where his forces aiding the resistance forces and started to push back the mandalorians. As this happened Atila lead the fight on ground taking a mandalorian fort and pretty soon sending the mandalorians on the run.

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