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Yozoz and Glofnog

We do as you command! Okey-Dey!
— Cloaked Missionary Leader Frozo to Yozoz during the Crises on New Eden.

The Cloaked Missionary was an Unggoy special operations lance that served under Spec-Ops Major Frozo, and later directly under Ultra Yozoz during the crises on New Eden and later military operations. It was part of Silent Hill Platoon. In high command, like all Spec-Ops teams, it was commmanded by Xytan 'Montrumai.

History Edit

Originally, Cloaked Missionary was an Unggoy Spec-Ops Lance lead by Major Frozo. It participated in the Fall of Reach, and was one of the four lances that made up Silent Truth Platoon, commanded by Ultra Yozoz. After the Slipspace Rift Incident that whisked the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution to the THDF Galaxy, it joined the fight with the rest of the fleet against the Chat Empire and its soldiers.

Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b Edit

Cloaked Missionary was sent with Kig-Yar pirate Charmer's joint Pirate-Covenant battalion during the infamous Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, in an attempt to rescue Zealots, including TWIO, a member of the Tacit Ronin. Their Phantom was shot down with the rest of Charmer's group. Frozo, leader of Cloaked Missionary, distracted the enemy Mandalorians while Kig-Yar picked them off with laser rifles.

Eventually, Frozo and the Cloaked Missionary troops, alongside Yozoz, Yabab, Zuzu, Dornog and Glofnog, were the only Unggoy in Charmer's Battalion to survive the battle.

Crises on New Eden Edit

When the Black Fang launched a large scale terrorist attack on New Eden, most of The Resistance was scattered and unable to approprietly respond. The four lances of Silent Truth Platoon were the only teams able to coordinate a defense, with the help of the Kig-Yar Peace Keepers. SUMMER CONTINGENCY was in place to plan the defence, but with no other help, the Peace Keepers and Silent Truth went around the streets engaging all Black Fang Mercenaries.

Cloaked Missionary members lead by Frozo was sent to save Spartan Bray from captivity, and succeded. Communications was finally established and the Resistance forces were rallied by the Unnamed Field Marshall, with help from Yabab and Glofnog. Frozo and the other members were then ambushed and killed while riding on Ghosts to reinforce the Tacit Ronin and Yabab and Glofnog, who had engaged a Naga in a relay station. Before their death, Yozoz transferred all suriving members of Silent Hill Platoon to Cloaked Missionary.

Return to Yoth Edit

Cloaked Missionary was a three man team after the Crises on New Eden. When they were offered chance to use Slip Space Crystals on Yoth by Saber, Yozoz agreed and left for Yoth with the Guardians of Eden before replenishing his team. However, Drullkus had unknowingly destroyed the crystals when they arrived. Instead, Saber decided to reclaim Yoth from the Chat. Yozoz and Glofnog landed to help build and defend a fort, which had been threatened by Raptor Pirates. Meanwhile, Yabab fought in the Space Battle in orbit.

Active Members Edit

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Yozoz - Leader of Cloaked Missionary and highest ranking Unggoy in the Scouting Fleet of Generous Distribution. He is currently looking for a way to get the Unggoy of the Scouting Fleet of Particular Justice back home.

Yabab - Second in command of the Unggoy Spec-Ops teams, and a Spec-Ops Major. He was drafted into the military, like most Unggoy. However, he was smart enough to become a Spec-Ops. He is a good leader, and so he often argues with Yozoz. Although he is technically the same rank as Glofnog, when he orders Glofnog and other Majors to do things, they obey him, and when he and Glofnog are running ops alone, as they often do, and they are called by high ranking officers, he is the one they relay orders through. However, he slipped into a coma and is no longer fit for active duty, but Yozoz continues to believe he will wake up one day and keeps him listed as "Active"

Jutnip - Jutnip is the replacement of Yabab, filling the role as Yozoz's 2iC. He has yet to earn Yozoz's complete respect, however.

Huglot - Huglot is a heavy gunner who was sent to fill Glofnog's shoes. Despite his threatening "Big Guns," he is very friendly and talks alot, often annoying his officers. He acts much like a stereotypical Grunt. However, like Jutnip, Yozoz is unsure about him.

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Deceased/Former Members Edit

Frozo - Leader of the Cloaked Missionary until the Crises on New Eden, where he was killed.

Zuzu - An easily scared Unggoy who was picked on by Glofnog and Yabab. He was killed by a bomb meant for Commodore Charmer.

Dornog - He deserted immediately after the Invasion of Beta Maximus 35b, and got on a Cruise Liner headed to Gaeto, but he was killed when the ship was boarded by Xenomorphs. Yabab eventually boarded the Arno, only to find him dead.

Glofnog - He liked to blow stuff up. He entered the Covenant as an Unggoy Heavy, but was transferred to be a SpecOps Heavy after he single-handedly brought down a pelican dropship attempting to evacuate a Spartan-II, allowing the Demon to be killed. He participated in many missions in the THDF Universe, even surviving the Siege on Fort Yoth-Alpha, but was killed soon afterwards when the ship evacuating him and the other survivors was sabotaged and crashed into a nearby planet.

Gallery Edit

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